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The Shattered Lands has a long History ( which hasnt been filled in properly yet, still in a notebook)
Two Calendars, and room for almost any character you can imagine.

This Wiki gives you access to what you need to know to get into the world, the feel, its people and places. Browse about. I make no claim to have invented all of this myself. I pull from other works shamelessly as well as make stuff up as I go. It’s for the fun and the game folks. Enjoy it.

This Realm sits at a Nexus within the Multiverse that brings forces and beings from far and wide into play. In recent game history a planar explosion brought new races into the Lands, ripped from their own worlds, and left to find their own way in ours. And if you do not feel like exploring a new race, there is a whole world of Humans, Elves and Dwarves to choose from as well. Humans dominate the world, with Dwarves characteristically holding the mountains and cavernous depths their own. The Elves dwell wherever another race has not tread too deeply. Monstrous races abound, with Orcs and Goblinoids taking to the hills and contesting the mountains with the dwarves. Other monstrous races are uncommon, though not completely unknown.

Magic – while great feats of magic are possible, and the destruction of the portal and the Hadean civilization are proof, they are uncommon. The pure investiture of time, experience, money and resources is astounding. Artifacts from ages gone by exist, and are unique. The Gods like to meddle in the affairs of the Realm, so clerical magic exists as well as arcane. magic is not common. maybe 5% of the population can use magic, and many have never received any sort of training. magic items are not common. if you are in a city where there is a wizard school, you may have access to some magic items, but we are not talking about harry potter land here. Healing potions are sometimes available at a temple or church for a fee. Magic items and potions require alot of money and resources to create, and most of all, experience, life force, a bit of the crafter goes into the creation.

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