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Their skin is darker and thicker than ours, scoured by the sea storms, and toughened by a land harsher than our own from across the seas. The lands we know of we call Redwall, for the great cliffs of red rock that are the first thing you see when you appraoch their lands. The high cliffs run for hundreds of miles and are broken in only a few places, well fortified by these strangers. The Wall is as far as our traders are permitted to pass, but the exotic goods they see make them hungry to explore these lands.

Our history with those from Redwall is not the best. We have raided each others coasts for hundreds of years, broken here and there by seasons of peace. We abide in one such season now. Brokered by the Free City of Carthusal. Willum Swordsworn, long standing Lord over the city, betrothed his eldest daughter to their king, buying peace for our coasts with his blood. In exchange, men of Redwall are permitted in our lands, to trade and learn of our ways, in the hopes that understanding will encourage peace, where swords have failed us. While the treaty does not make these men of Redwall above our laws, each town, city and man of the law is encouraged to tread lightly, and return any of Redwall who break our laws to Carthusal to be dealt with. The costs of such transport will be paid by Carthusal, in hopes to maintain the peace.

Men from Redwall have dark ruddy complexions, tend to dark hair and eyes as well. They speak their own native tongue, but have some proficiency in common as well. They are known for their agile fighting style, tending to use weapons that suit a sweeping motion. Scimitar, short word, dagger, bucklers, leather armors, and a laquered wood that is lighter than leather but just as strong. They are known for their curious highly curves shortbows used on ship during boarding actions. They are a class based society with the warrior class often fighting the merchant class for dominance. Currently the merchant class has sway, which does not sit well.


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