Female Aasimar


A life of servitude then betrayed by those she once trusted and served. Then she left and focused on the job she had known all her life. I the midst she was killed in a fight. Seeing what she believes to Pelor she was sent back to once again serve him. She now has a renewed purpose and has be set on the path of the Paladin of Freedom to free her fellow seven members from the High King and his tyranny.


All I remember was we were fight a statue that was spawning little orbs of darkness and then nothing but total darkness. Suddenly I was sitting in what could only be described as the most serene setting ever a bench setting in the middle of a garden with a man who looked elderly save for the golden beard??

Wait this can’t be him. . . Pelor?

“Have you given up this quickly young lady?”

“I only wanted to serve and I always tried my hardest to rid the world of evil.”

“Well then we can’t have you here just yet then can young lady, even though your celestial blood and deads alone would grant entry into my home. I can’t have you young Aasimar dying on me yet.”

“Aasimar? What do you mean by Aasimar?”

“You don’t even know what you are silly girl? You are the great-granddaughter of a union between a Human and and a Angel and thus that makes you a Aasimar.”

I never knew this and the shock would apparent to any who could have seen my face.

“So what are you going to send me back?”

“I have use of you there yes but that will be your choice stay and gain no further glory or honor. Or you go back and continue to serve me more.”

It took me all of a second to think about this. “Send me back I have some unfinished business but where should I start first?”

“Head to Sanctuary and from there you will find out.”


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