The Shattered Lands

The Crypts and the Bloody

Not all threats lurk in the wilderness, and not all dungeons lie far from the realms of the common man. The greatest threats appear in the heart of civilization, hiding beneath harmless veneers and waiting for the moment to strike.

The Party has exchanged their writ for cold hard coin and paid their respects at their respective temples or watering holes and are eager to move on to the next challenge. Next bounty, investigate and stop the recent disappearances in the cemeteries, so that the living may return to pay their respects without fear of joining the dead abruptly.

Walking through the busy morning streets of Miirym you turn your heads and your feet to the south and the domain of the dead. The area is quiet, and no one seems to be about as you begin your search of the graveyards for anything suspicious. A few fresh graves seem your only lead till you hear a blood curdling scream. Racing to the sound you find a man sprawled dead on the ground, face frozen in fear. Several stab marks ooze fresh blood, and its flesh is marred by what appear to be acid stains. The skin is still flush and the injuries still smoke, he’s not been dead for more than a couple minutes.

The body shifts slightly as you examine it, and for a moment, you think the victim may still be alive. Then the truth reveals itself; small, sinewy worms, colored a strange pinkish purple color, twist and writhe within his clothes. They number less than 20 and seem to cluster around the acid burns. A faint trail of slime leads from the body to an open stairway leading beneath the mausoleum that looms over you.

The City watch arrives and questions the group about the body and their intentions. The Captain, recognizing Garr, permits the group to descend, leaving two guards to ensure he is aware of the results.

Trudging through a storage cellar littered with useless furnishings and debris the group chooses one of two doors and finds a smaller room and a hole in the wall hidden behind rotting boxes and jars that once held food. Crawling through, the party finds themselves exploring a network of man-made tunnels beneath the mausoleum and the surrounding grounds. Behind one door they combat a nest of ghoulish creatures. A hard-fought battle brings little reward and the group continues on. Next they discover a large cavern, containing cages, one still containing two more ghoulish creatures. Dispatching these easily they search and loot the room before continuing. Passing back across a 4 way intersection they find a short passage and a door. A voice and motion can be heard as it’s occupant has heard the party and escapes. Picking the lock they find a strange laboratory, with it’s subject still strapped to a metal table. Within minutes the poor retch is painfully transformed into another ghoullish creature and Garr dispatches the poor wretch. More looting, and on they travel, searching for a killer. Garr inadvertantly trips a small alarm of bells before reaching the next door. The lock is beyond Zarek’s ability, but not beyond the combines brute strength of Garr and Schurr. Battering the door down they find a curious chamber containing a large wooden box and a shrine. The trail of slime and worms has led them here, to this box. As they inspect the box and wok to pry it open, their quarry erupts and attacks. The party quickly destroys the abomination, torching the remains within the box. Holg discovers 3 small gems on the altar he takes with him. Moving on, the group finds a door with the sounds of other men behind it. Pushing it open they find guards and a spellcaster. A fiery battle ensues. Victorious, the party strips the room snad it’s inhabitants of valuables and ships them up to the guards on the surface, blaming them for the death and the disappearances. The party splits the loot and goes to town to get what they can for the arms and armors they have aquired, as well as order some upgraded ones for themselves.



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