Group Rules / Policies

You have the privilege to roll your own stats (or use the point system), damage rolls, most saving throws, and most skill checks. ( Certain checks need to be made by the DM in order to minimize meta-gaming.)

Player characters may run their own henchmen/cohorts/thralls/followers (to be referred to as henchmen) provided they run them fairly. Henchmen may not take magic item creation feats. If a class gives a creation ability (like wizards scribe scroll) that is permitted. Don’t abuse it.

You have the right to any treasure or equipment your character has found in game, provided you record it on your sheet the night it is found. Failing to do so will mean the item was lost.

When the player receives a magic item and wishes to have it appraised/learn its history/powers, the player may write the DM a note (facebook/email/whatever is acceptable) to keep said information private.

Absent Player Policy:

  • PC is ran in absentia by another PC, the absent player receives 75% XP with 25% going to the PC who pulled double duty as bonus XP to their character. Bonus XP will be awarded by group consensus that the character was properly played. This keeps a player from falling too far behind, but can be rescinded if the group or DM feels it is being abused. Please make your own arrangements.
  • PC is run in absentia by DM; the absent player receives 50% XP. Either you don’t want someone else to see/run your character, or you didn’t make any arrangements with the group before hand.
  • The hardest part of this is the out of combat, in character decisions, all we can do is try to be true to what we believe that the character would actually do based on his past actions.

Character Death / Switch out

  • The Fantasy World, while a playground for us, is not without it’s risks to PCs. Characters die, they come and go, and hopefully they are memorable and we enjoyed playing them or with them. If your character dies, you have an opportunity to try a new idea, a new build, a new concept and create a new character that you would like to play. The price is that character’s level and XP. The new character will start one level lower than the lowest leveled PC at the minimum XP for that level. Hopefully this clarifies things and provides a reason to keep your characters alive.
    IE, the group has three 5th levels, a 6th level, and a 4th level PC. Your new character would start as a 3rd level PC, with the minimum XP for that level.
  • Sometimes things don’t work out quite the way you envisioned. Either a build went wrong and you feel the character is not meeting your standards, or the character has lost it’s flavor, or you are simply tired of playing whatever class/race you have had game after game. Each player gets one free switch. The new character will be one level lower than the previous character, and should not be the same class or race as before (though a sufficiently different character may qualify). More switches may be purchaseably through the Prestige Point system at a price I have yet to determine. Please work with me with switches, to keep them from being sudden so that they can be worked into the storyline.


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