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Banned – Restricted Classes, Feats, Items, Etc..

Useful Information

Here is a bit of the information I have picked up over the years of gaming. Much of this I have pulled from various forums and sites over the years, and added to or cleared up over time. I post it here so that You, my Player can learn a bit more about the game in general or particular to help you enjoy it more.

Class Primers
I would do a rogue or fighter one, but those two classes are so broad in what they can accomplish, that I just don’t know where to begin. Also, WoTC has put out books for all teh classes with loads of ideas, feats, spells, etc already to flesh out those classes. I highly recommend hitting a gaming store and taking a look at them to see if one has the sort of stuff you are interested in. Just make sure you are looking at 3/3.5 not the newer 4th that is predominately on the shelves now.



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