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To the West of the Dragonspine Mountain range lies lands once occupied mostly by Elves. What is now Illyria was once known in the Elvish Language as Il’Eralia, Land of the Ocean Song. Today the lands are Mostly inhabited by Mankind, having displaced the Elves through population growth and expansion over a few hundred years. To the elves it is a terrible loss, made worse by how terrible Man has treated the rest of the continent. The Rift in particular the Elves blame mankind for, and the destruction its creation caused.

The elves, abhorring the short lived and ill mannered humans as little better than animals, attempted to resist, but found themselves outnumbered. Rapidly Mankind expanded its borders, encroaching on the lands of the elves, felling their trees for fields, moving their rocks for walls and buildings, maligning the beauty that captivated the elves. Disheartened the elves continued to pull back away from the Humans, leaving village and city alike, drifting farther into the deep forest, hoping that the Humans would die out soon without destroying the world.

Now mostly occupied by the Free Cities, Illyria is growing and expanding still. In The City of Kingsport, the self styled “High King” Roderick, has claimed domain over the entire lands and has expended great effort to patrol the highways and byways of the lands. It seems every week, more families are packing up their homes and moving further out, expanding the boarders, building farms and settlements where previously there were only woods.


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