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The history of the Known World is neither exact nor precise, and is no
way accurate. Even though the Hadean maintained an intricate calendar,
time has not been kind to the histories and recorded events. Much of the
earliest records deal with maintaining inventories, tracking shipments,
marking the passage of their monarchs, and so on, but actually say very
little about what this ancient world was like. Furthermore, the Hadean
were by no means the first people to build a kingdom, as evidenced by
the ruins of earlier civilizations. Who can say what transpired in those
ancient times, what wonders the world has seen, and what heroes walked
the earth?

A continent forever scarred, changed by an explosion so great it rent the the very fabric of the Multiverse. An entire civilization, destroyed. All that remains of that civilization, is a scattered people and memories. The story? It’s about love, and grief, and what these things do.

The Hadean were an ancient and proud people. Hundreds of year ago they had risen to prominence, to rule much of the known lands, to spread their culture and greater understanding of the world about them to all they conquered. One such people, the Rankens, took that knowledge, and shook the yoke of their oppressors and fought back. Not with arms, but with commerce. By the time the Hadeans realized that they were no longer the most powerful, the richest, or even in power, the battle had been won. The Hadeans as a people went into decline. A massive and great army, was defeated with coins. The Ranken allowed the Hadean to rule themselves, but paid a terrible price in tribute. Part of that tribute was blood, a princess of the land to be sent to the royal house of Ranke every 5 years. And as these stories have a way of working, the biggest trouble hit when one of those princesses got to Ranke.

Why is it always Love? The princess from Hadea, and the crowned prince of Ranke, actually fell in love. Which wouldn’t have been a problem if she hadn’t already been in love with probably one of the most powerful wizards in Hadea. And him her. So here is this dangerous love triangle, a woman trapped between two men she loves and can’t decide between. So what does she do? She dies. And of course each man accuses the other, words are said, swords rattled, and suddenly armies are raised and sent marching. Meanwhile these two guys, each wizards in their own right, are trying to kill each other. Spells are cast, minions sent, tomes consulted and a stalemate ensued. The Hadean Wizard, tormented with grief, and maddened with the stalemate, sought power from beyond our lands. Using long lost and forbidden tomes (aren’t they always, and yet somehow found again) he summoned a demon to do his bidding. The demon convinced him to build a great portal, to siphon power from another dimension, and give him the means to exact revenge on his enemies. The Ranke wizard, learning of this plan, called on some heroic figures, manages to get into the Hadeans Tower and catch him in the act of completing the portal. The exact details of their battle are unknown, mostly because it appears the portal exploded, destroying the tower, the city, all the land lands around it, and consequently anyone who might have survived to tell the tale.

So 15 years later, the Ranken Empire still rules the Eastern lands, though not quietly. Hideous beasts and monsters crept out of the Wastes to trouble the Empire.


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