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Gullside’s exact origins are unknown. What is known is that the discovery of Adamantium in the Burning Mountains made Gullside the closest inner sea port, and hence the best place to ship it from. Almost overnight, Gullside went from a small fishing village to a major shipping port.

The old village itself is still there, outside of the North gate, with fishermen still plying their trade.

Kingfisher Wood was decimated, reduced to a wooded stand about the bend of the Red River, in order to construct the city and its barges that pole up and down the red waters.

Gullside’s sudden riches brought attention from it’s then larger neighbors. Raiding both from land and sea prompted tall stone walls on land and seaward facings, as well as the construction of Bluffhold with its mighty ballistas and catapults. Gullside maintains a fleet dedicated to patrolling the harbor and surrounding water that has deterred many a pirate.

The Mines in the Burning Mountains have mostly closed now, the veins of the precious Adamantium long since dried out. With the money gone, stone is no longer barged down to build with, making repairs to the walls and larger building too costly to maintain. Even the supply of other metals the mines produce has been reduced, the largest export now being crude iron. Recently some ambitious craftsmen have been playing with fire, using the lava flows found in the Mountains to produce gems and ingots of varying beauty and quality.

With much of the trade going through Gullside trickling off, the city’s future is uncertain. The Blue House, the largest house of merchants in the City has decided to fund one last excursion into the mines and passages of the Burning Mountains, gambling on finding a new vein or source of riches to fill their coffers.

The City of Gullside is rife with secret societies and underground movements. Many were drawn here by the power that such wealth brings, some by the possible magical powers the semi-active volcanic forces in the mountains might provide, and some for the intrigue the others present.

Bluffhold was built to defend the harbor from pirates and neighboring cities that would plunder Gullside’s newfound wealth. With the passing of the last Mayor of Bluffhold, the public leader of Gullside, the castle and grounds are abandoned, apparently haunted by sinister spirits.



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