The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal VII

So, the time to leave with Erom and Jusrik has come. As we leave Narwell, a few hours later we spot the supposed dragonin the edge of the woods, we continue our way towards the burned out town, but in our way was a blown out bridge with a self-proclaimed “King’s” guard, telling us to turn around and leave, he clearly doesn’t know our ways. With the bridge out of the question, we needed to look for another away around, luckily we were able to cross the 40’ wide river with ease. As we near the burnt town, we spot the flying lizard again, but Erom then speaks up and claims the the “dragon” was actually a drake. We continue, and come across a line of upturned dirt, I look past the dirt and see a guard tower still standing, the only standing building. I ask Erom what are his plans, he says he’ll scout the area for the drake and then rest for the night, I suggest the guard tower. I pull up to the tower and tie up the horse, I notice Schurr going up the tower and then Astrid, they come down a few minutes later and say there is a campsite of the “king’s” men roughly a half-mile away, along with the drake in a cage near the settlement. Erom and Jusrik come back from their little scout of the sky, we show them the campsite and suggest we should take them out and the drake, Erom didn’t seem to get it, he seems to believe that the guards actually caught the dragon. We had no other choice but to persued Erom that the guards had released the drake and burnt down the village. At that moment, Astrid notices we were missing a member, it was the new guy, Mammon. Anyway, we set up and plan our attack on the camp, me, Schurr, Jusrik, and Erom go up the middle, while Astrid and her Dwarf flank left and Zarek flanks right. Astrid burns the biggest tent and all of a sudden Mammon appears behind some patrol and blasts him with his magic. I run up the middle and start to attack a guard in front, after a few seconds, another guard comes up to me from the side and misses with his sword. I continue my focus on the guard up front and after a trade of blows he crumbles to the ground. Next victim of my hand was the gurad that ran up to me, and after a handful of minutes later and trades of hits, he dies. At that moment I realize that the rest of the guards were already dead, I feel like I have dishonored my god. Anyway, Erom had killed the drake, and now we are gathering a few horses that were tied up to some stables, we sleep the night there and head out back towards Narwrell.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.11
To Narwell...Dragon attack?....

On the next morning we start our travel to Narwell refreshed and eager to keep our pace. I can’t help but wonder if we are in the clear from the events that have conspired, and cause us to be on the lamb. But its okay because I’ve got plans and ideas a plenty like starting a lucrative business eventually. As for the moment my thughts are interupted when a strange wagon comes into view. The wagon has a large skull of a dragon I believe its hard to tell as there is a little wear in its appearance. We approach to find its a well known dragonslayer Erim Dragonsbane and his son Jusrik who are traveling to the same place we are, where Erim says they have been called to find a dragon that has recently attacked. I know that dragons are out there but to come out and attack a caravan or any group of people seems odd to me. I take time to ask a few more questions and read the thoughts of this living legend who has seen much better days. I share his regards, his son does talk to much and I understand his real problem is both severe and of the utmost importance, so I ask myself why has he not asked any of the important questions like has anyone seen the dragon, and what makes them think that this is a real dragon attack, I wouldn’t waste my time attacking a city if I were a dragon. I would deffinatly like to help this man. I’d like to see a dragon for I havn’t seen one in all my travels. We decide it would be good to travel together mostly because we are already going that way. We travel not long before our next encounter has me and the rest of us on our gaurd. Quickly I wrap myself in a blanket and lean on Guiness my faithful Dwarf in an attempt to look asleep and Schurr covers himself in a tarp and lays down in the wagon. everyone waits as a patrol of knights goes by us in a hury. According to Erim they are collecting tithe and bounty for the self proclaimed king of the land. We reach the city of Norwall to see the guards trying to intimidate the city gaurd into giving in and joining the self proclaimed king in his persuits, “Narwell will never join we are a free city” a guard exclaims at this point Guiness and I get off of the wagon and watch for any signs of increased trouble from the knights who are well equiped and dare I say more skilled then the city guard. It only takes a little while before we are all on our separate ways. after shopping for some supplies Guiness and I go to the tavern that has been rented for awhile and wait for everyone to show.
While at the bar our personal information gatherer Zerek finds a parchment for our capture. I guess that answers my previous questions, I cant help but think they’ll have fun finding Rurga I smile slyly at the thought. The eavening comes to an end and we decide to go to bed.
The next morning Holg and I go to the training grounds where the blacksmith is and my hopes for work and information. When we arrive I notice the city guard training and there is a grizzled veteran traing them I approach and ask a few questions which lead me to ask for a sparring partner at which no one will challenge a girl, oh well. On the other hand no one has truely investigated the site where the Dragon supposedly attacked, let alone seen one recently or at all. Now I find this situation about the Dragon suspicious. On my way back to see how Guiness is getting along with the supplies for our first barrel of beer. When the bartender tells me of a meeting and that Zerek is already on his way, I decide to get Schurr and head to the meeting place. We travel straight over a wall I am truly amazed how strong Schurr is as he easily scaled the wall with me on his back, this no small feat. I knew that anyone who underestimated his resolve and ability would do so for thier last time. Schurr I am happy to say is my ally. It takes us a little bit but we traverse the outer wall to the northern gate and wait for any signs of Zerek. Within a few minutes we see Zerek and soon after another gentleman who appears to be in a similar situation.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.10
A dinner with ghost?

The long days travel has us farther away from our normal lives as Bounty Hunters and closer too our new life of who knows what. With each day that goes by I wonder what jobs these others can do, It’s something that they should consider as I have. With my new found umm friend I found he has a skill that I find could keep us under the radar for awhile I think if necessary I could be content with a bar or tavern of my own. I will have too wait on that thought, for we are approaching a wagon coming down this long and rarely used road. The other wagon apperently is a merchant, and what luck he has some available supplies which oddly enough fit with my last thought of opening a tavern (must be fate). Having secured my perchase and ready to go the merchant says we should think about making camp and warns us that there is a haunted place ahead that we should avoid (ya right, now Im curious.) We make for camp, right where we are told not too.
As we arrive at the supposed spot we all notice livestock and a old man who is muttering to himself about a meal, this night is one for the bards. With schurr and holg setting up camp outside and zerak cautiously taking in the surroundings. I go to ask if it is okay to camp outside near this tower. I knock on the door and get no answer so I check to see if its locked and find it isn,t. I open the door and see an old man before me. I ask if we can camp and he says we are welcome too. I ask a few more questions as I notice other odd things and his answers I find are quite intresting, most would find them the ramblings of someone crazy old loon, but I believe they hold more than just the rantings and ravings of a man who is losing touch with his sanity. Satisfied, I relax for the time being (which is short lived) Did I forget to mention the new member of this group. Mamnon, Manmom, Man somthing or other I don’t quite remember for I havn’t tried too hard to get to know him, but he has decided to get everyones attention as he ask the old man questions; and as he is unable to get the answers he seeks we see the progression of a power hungry man get desperate for more. It seems Mamnon has found a relic on top of the tower and he would like to have it to himself but the Old man will not let on about the key to attaining the relic, and our new kid on the block goes on a chicken murdering spree, or um tries too. I am fully aware of strange things in ones mind but what happens next is pretty wierd even in my book, the world around me seems to change, and everyone is around the dinner table and i know things are different but the others seem like they are unaware of the rapid change in atmosphere. I like this Old man and there is something speacial about this place so I begin to settle in for dinner and decide to clean up after dinner. As for the relic well with all things there is balance a give and a take. The relic was a sword of great power or so I believe for we all tried to pull it from its stone slab and only Schurr could free it with the exchange of his other sword. With this night over we akake to nothing around us just a broken down sshack and a weathered tower. I go into the house and leave a note. Thank-you for dinner and hope to see you again sometime in the future.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.2

Well we ran into on our way to Naerwell “Erms the Dragon Killer” a quite famous Dragon Hunter. I have to admit the “Dragon Wagon” was quite splendid but the preservation magic he has on it is fading so it kind of lost its touch.

We managed to get to city and the guards were dealing with the supposed “High King” tax collectors but this free city doesn’t recognize this “King”.

I led them back towards the wharf to the safest Inn in town called the Crazy Harpy. After getting some food for Schurr I went out to look for some magical items and stole some cold weather gear.

I slept for the night then when I went out the next morning I ran into Zarek and decided to follow but quickly losing sight of him in the process.

I then decided to head around looking for him but this could take me a while.

The New Adventures of Mammon

So I traveled with the dwarves to this “Homeland” to possibly help them retake it from a group of orcs thinking it may be a fun time only to arrive too late. Ha-ha nice joke again Olidammara, I really think you’re the life of this party.

So I met up with a group of adventurers who seem less than the “Ordinary” adventurers you’d run into.

Schurr, a large Gnoll Barbarian who seems to revile in combat. But has an unusual cunning for being both a Gnoll and a Barbarian at the same time.

Zarek a dark cloaked and yet subtle person but the smell of every once and a while Brimstone from him suggest something aloof and possibly trying to hide stuff.

Astrid, the calm young woman with what appears to be her Dwarf slave or really loyal servant I don’t know yet which. I would have to say her power of Illusions is incredible.

Holg, the honorable Orc who seems to take his vows to the god of the orc to a level I’ve only heard of before. He seems to be the most trustworthy of the bunch and it’s nice to see someone else who believes in their god so wholly in body and spirit.

I traveled with them showing them the way to the Free City of Naerwell but we stopped off at a tower where I think I may have made a somewhat bad impression on this group by letting my obsession of collecting get the better of me.

Schurr somehow switched one magical sword for another one. Then we made our way north to the City.

Holg's Journal VI

After cleaning up camp, we continue our way to Narwell. On our way there, we spot an interesting wagon, a wagon with a giant dragon skull on top, Mammon begins to speak with one of the riders and learns that it belongs to the world renown dragon slayer, Erom Dragonsbane and his lackey, Jusrik Eromsson. Through more questions, we also learned that they’re here for a supposed dragon that has burned down a small town just North of Narwell. We continue to slowly make our way to the gate to Narwell, when we hear galloping horses behind us, I hear Schurr behind me in the wagon, covering himself with a blanket, likely to make sure he isn’t spotted, not gonna lie, I thought of it too, but with me at the reins it would seem suspicious. I pull the wagon over to stay out of the way, the group of soldiers pass us, as they do I notice one of them looks back at us, this makes me uneasy, never liked being the hunted, I prefer the hunter. As the patrol goes by, I ask Jusrik if he knows what that was all about, he tells us those were the up-coming “king’s” men, a self-proclaimed “king” that is trying to gather up magic users to make an army and control the land. We make our way to the North gate, and pass through unnoticed, as we pass, we hear yelling behind us. Luckily it was the “king’s” men trying to obtain money for protection from Narwell, part of me told me to intervene to send a message to the magic lovers, but I decided to let it go, besides we don’t need to attract attention. Mammon tells us of a good safe tavern to take up, we open up a tab and will stay there for as long as we need. The next morning, me and Astrid head to the training grounds in the far end of town, my reason was to get my axes done with the “works”, Astrid came with me to find work, pretty sure we won’t be staying here long though. After I was done with what I needed I head to the market to sell some junk, when I’m done selling off the junk, on my way back to the tavern, I recognize Jusrik, whom must’ve been in the market for supplies, but he was being mugged, I tried to get there but the muggers had already gotten what they wanted. I headed over to Jusrik, offered to accompany him to give him extra protection. We headed towards the North gate, he told me this is where he and the dragon slayer have been staying, I see Astrid at the dragon wagon speaking with Erom, not knowing what she was doing, not my concern.

Holg's Journal V

After we left the Dwarven pass, we ran into a human known as “Mammon”. He claims he knows the area and will guide us to where we need to go, I could tell by the looks on the other group members, that I wasn’t the only one skeptical. After much thought on the groups part, we had decided to allow him to guide us to Narwell. On our travels, we had heard from a traveling merchant that a tower up ahead that was said to be haunted, we decided to take a rest there, not knowing that there were residents still in the tower. While me and Zarek make camp, the others got to the small shack attached to the tower to ask if we could set up camp here for the night. Next thing I knew, I hear a loud bang, and I appear in the shack at a table with food and drink in front of me. Not knowing what happened nor caring what happened, I decide to get up and leave, but not before I grab the food and drink in front of me and head back to camp. After what seemed like an hour, I hear multiple blast from the top of the tower, catching my attention, I go to check it out. To my surprise, I find Schurr, Astrid, and the new guy, Mammon, up in the tower. Up in the tower there was a pit filled with still warm ashes, with a sword in stone, Astrid nods to me and says “Attempt to pull the sword out”. I attempt to pull the sword out and fail to have the strength to pull out, even with the potion of bull strength that Rurga had given me. Failing to pull the sword out of the stone, I angrily storm off back to the camp and hit the hay.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.9
My... you are a errr... big one.

With are group finding our fleet footedness we hoof it back to the pit with no resistance oddly enough, when we arived at the pit there was a being bigger than anything I had ever seen climbing out of it. With my resolve set I move toward it focusing my mind attacks at him, with each assault I feel him angered and extreamly aggrivated at the blows by his feet by my fellow comrads. he picks up anything and anyone he can and hurls them at us. Wave after wave of assaults from me prove to be slowly taking thier toll on this titan of a being. Zerak reaches a glowing glyph on the ground and holds one of the four pieces of the titan and says " with this i bind thee stonefang" and I notice the titan weaken and so Holg fallowed soon after with his cry and one by one we all fallow threw and as a team combine even more of our assault on to the titan to finaly put him back in his resting place, but not before losing a comrad in arms, Rurga did not make it, her body lay broken upon the ground. I notice that in typical fashion that if you die in this group your body will be looted by the Gnoll. I stay behind and to the best of my abilities light her funeral pyre and send her to the god she worshiped.

What I would like to know is what is a god?
Has anyone seen one?
I would like to learn more course that should be easy for I await my new companion, I sense he is not that far away, my very own Dwarven Cleric. Hello guiness allow me to introduce myself
I am Astrid, and i’m intrigued, tell me about your beliefs and your God.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.8
The citadel

The much needed rest over we go to the doors of the citadel and enter with caution. Two stairs lead up from either side of main room. The party splits with the majority going to the right, as we reach the first door. I listen for any noise of which there is. we now know we are a rescue party and in we go ready for what eve is on the otherside. There was little resistance for the Gnoll warrior and the cleric held fast as well as for me I feared I had lost my abilities for there proved to be more resistance in my enemy, I was relieved to find that I had not, as my opposition was taken down.
We regrouped and continued up to the top I informed the other party via my mind link with Zarak of whom I believe is more than a capable scout, that we had an altercation but everything was going well. The stairway continued for a bit longer and we all arived at the top were there was a room with strewn about papers and scrolls and a ladder that led upwards, with no other choice we went up the ladder.
On the roof there was two Druids and their Leader. This was not a normal foe there was somthing different and needed to be delt with hastily and we didn’t disappoint Schurr and Holg took the big guy down and the rest of us took out the Druids. The battle won we had all the pieces needed and we had a long trek back to the pit.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.7
Plot thickens

We have been in the dwarven hall for hours it seems and we spot a figure slumped against a door, which we soon discovered was a dwarf being used as a door stop. as we go through the door we see piles of bodies one Dwarf the other Orc and looted. there is more sounds that catch our attention and we cautiosly look to find it is a small group of Orcs arguing aboout thier latest loot. rurga decides to turn on the charm and finds these boys don’t seem to be intrested in her as much as she would like and at that moment the rest of us are forced to take action. as we round the next corner I waste no time doping a weekminded fool and continued on to seal thier escape, which was really not neccessary for the rest of the party is quick to dispatch the rest.
We soon continue and run into the caverns were there is some whispered chanting echoing off the walls, this sends us on the hunt.
The source of the chanting is found and he is not alone but no matter we have some of the most eager combatents in the world. Schurr and Holg act quickly to take down the Orc warriors, and as Zarek puts an arrow into the shamen I realise he may have more knowledge about our enemies and of this sacred pit and cavern. I move to capture his mind and learn all I can, A few questions later and we are on our way, I decide to keep this one close to me for a little longer. There is a bit of a travel before we run into yet another patrol, this one trying to get to a small group of dwarves that are chanting, and very tired looking they are trying to keep a defensive barrier between them and the Orcs. I suggest that the shaman might put his warrior comrads to sleep as to not get into a conflict. unfrtunatly this is all botched and more combat ensues and I am forced to take my new puppet’s life rather abruptly. After the small skirmish we give aid to the Dwarves, in exchange one agrees to be our giude to the citadel.
The halls are long and wining for we are using some of the lesser traveled roots threw the mountain pass and it is brilliant that we end up by some falls just outside the citadel. Upon arriving at the citadel there is another small regiment of Orcs, one on a rather large boar. I cannot help the thought of one pig headed warrior on a larger pig. I notice there are gaurds on towers and by the gates. The warriors go to work quick and Schurr takes down three in a flurry of power and killer instinct, and Holg in a commanding voice challenges the mounted warrior to duel. I quickly notice the Dwarf getting into possition to fire his crossbow and Zarek reading his bow as well. I focus on my target and have this thought of a matchstick, in turn I see the Orc ignite on fire and start to burn just as i imagined.
The battle waged forth and we took one after another until only Holg and leader were left, and then there was just Holg victorious and a little worse for wear. With the battle finished we decided to rest for a bit.


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