The Shattered Lands

Thoughts of Mammon.
How to acquire it, the perfect magic item.

So as most of the group members know I have a addiction to magical items. But what they do not know is why.

So let me explain it to you; I have but one goal in life and that is to acquire in my view the perfect magical item. I have spent many seasons working it out trying to see what type of magical item best suits my need then acquire one that is my how shall we say “Perfect Match”?

Well I do travel a lot so it should have a good physical application as well as a good magical application. So to this end it come down to this; Armor/ Clothing or Weapon? Well I’ve never really been to strong and I’d got some tricks up my sleeves to protect me and get me out of trouble and a few more I’ve been working on so I would say a weapon.

The other thing is it would have to be practical application for me. I don’t need anything ranged as I have my Eldritch Blast with it’s various “Additions” I can meld into it. So a melee weapon that I can use daily and have for some nifty tricks up its sleeves per say.

Wait I remember reading in a scroll I have in my bag about some wizards who Imbue a staff or wand they themselves make and give it the essence of a familiar. YES that’s what I’ll aim for and perhaps I can pull it off it will take some time and effort and of course gold but then I’ll have it my own personal handcrafted staff or wand that will respond only to me.
So you see? In trying to explain to you why I have been searching all this time for I have really done it not only found what I have been working for but at the same time I can make it too!

Sorry if I must rush out now there is so much to do and so much to get done! Bye.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.15
Finding Father in the house of Bizzar?

We continued on our journey for two days untill we reached a small town where the clients father Timothy got supplies. When we got into town it was clear that Schurr and Holg were not welcome sso the rest of us had to gather information, with a little bit of work we find that Timothy had procured the services of a stone mason and the local goods store. We were soon on our way to the stone mason and with a few questions we learned that he was hired by Timothy to make a statue of a warrior and that he was blind folded when he was brought to the keep. With that being all we could learn we went to the goods store and after getting not to far with the clerk I decide to try and mind trick the clerk, i focus my inner energy and with confidence i say hello and how are you today I have come for my usual supplies, With luck my rouse worked and I was the proud owner of not only Timoth’s supplies but also his speacial order of books. When I examined the books I realized Timoth is very ambitious and wrapped up in his studdies. With our basic infornation gathered we decided to head out. Soon we were sitting in front of a keep and looking at Mammmon whho is acting really giddy makes me a little concerned. We are soon at the doors and with some examination we found that the front door was unlocked and we soon entered like good little guest. Soon the party seperates and Mammon disapears soon after I decide to go to the room on the right and inside there is snow falling from the cieling and the snow on the ground was freshly packed so I could only assume it was Mammon. The room is linked to other rooms and so Guiness and I take to the room with the Trap door which also has swords on the wall and two suits of armor, and as we approach the trap door the suits come to life and attack Guiness and I. With my focus now on the suits I quickly send the suit across the room with a bolt of electricity and together Guiness and I dispatch the last one. In the melee I was struck by a book and so I decided to pick it up and read it. When I open the book I realize its Timothy’s journal, inside it detailed how the statue was taken over by an evil spirit and with that knowledge Guiness and I head down the trap door and down Stairs to a large room with floating flask and vials , a body slumped on the floor with a helm on which could only be Timothy, and in the center of the room is the seven foot tall warrior statue that is incomplete and moving around with one solid block leg. Quickly I deduct that I need the rest of the group. shortly the rest of the party is here and we formulate a plan and kick it into action. Zarek takes up position with his bow, Schurr, Guiness, and I head for the helm. Holg that crazy Orc charges for the warrior statue. for a moment I wonder where Mammon is but quickly supress the thought for my comrads need me here in this moment. Soon the flasks are shattered and Schurr is on fire, Holg in oil, there is more puddles and we refocus our efforts. Guiness stands and says a prayer and soon there is more room between us and the flasks, with Schurr putting himself out we charge the statue and tackle it while Holg goes for a blue glowing orb in a corner and he attacks it and gets hit with a blast of electricity not once but twice. The rest of us finally wrestle the helm on the statue and notice Timothy stirring with questions bombarding him he was quick with the answer on how to shut down the orb which was a portal and this portal could only be stoped by pouring mercury over it and with that I voulenteered myself, and as I poured the mercury I too felt the wrath of the portal with a blast of electricity as well, now I can honestly say Holg and I have something in common. With that the whole place dissipated and we were at a small hovel.Ready to get back to Narwell and bring a father back to his worried daughter was all I could think about, but I agreed with Guiness Mammon does look like hell if that place does exist.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.14
A small remodel and mystery

After the unwelcomed Guest left with her Shade between her umm… ya anyhow the next morning has me cranky I tend not to like interuptions in my sleep patterns and I don’t like paying for damages done to the tavern because of incompitant messangers. We decide and by we I meen me to convince the tavern owner to let us stay even though there was damage and we pay for the repairs to be made. Unbeknown to me the bar keep wants to know what became of my companions trip to the local magic shop, because there was a robbery and the store owner was killed. Imidiatly there is a torrent of information being shouted from every direction as accusations are quickly stomped out, we inform the tavern owner that we will see what has happen to his friend and any other information we could gather. On the way to the store front we all approach the seen in different ways Mammon decides to elude us all with his invisible trick and this is only known because of the door opening of the shop with no actual being openining the door. I decide to help by putting my charm on the guard so to speak. With the help of Schurrs timely knock and mannerisms that we avoid an all out problem with the authorities. With not to much to go on I ask the guard several questions pertaining to patrols and shifting of them and for any information on wierd people entering and if there was any visits from the “Kings Men”.With not too much in the way of clues we decide to head on. We leave the town and continue to a small town where we took on the job of a local to find her father. Two long days of travel and Mammon seems to be getting better and Guiness is still great company, as I spend time talking of being a tavern owner and new ways of making spirits of which he has a nack of doing I am glad of the bond we share and he is oblivious to.
On the second night we set camp and as usual I watch the group dynamics. Zarek quitly studdies the MYSTERIOUS DAGGER he got from that simple minded yet elusive woman. Holg ever faithful toward the tending of the horses and the setting of camp he seems at home on the move, its easy to think for a moment that he is more calm and peaceful and that would be only to foolish he is just as dangerous in this state of mind. Mammon well he is still a mystery and he seems to be resting the effects of an attack still taking its toll. Then there is Schurr when he is not chasing squirrels, big game, or generally anything he can eat he is very loyal strong and quite comfortable as a pillow exspeacialy with the winter coat but a danger lerks inside him, I fear his agression is going to be his undoing. I think this is the closest I feel to family and this time nothing and no one is taking it away from me. With that thought ending I hear a voice shout to us give your possessions over and we will be spared our lives. Within moments we are in the thick of things Schurr and Holg charging into battle Zarek and Mammon quickly hiding and I prepare to take down these fools who have no idea what trouble they have stirred up. With the Barbarians cutting down there adversaries, sniping shots from Zarek and a few attacks from myself the agressive band of bandits starts to falter and begins to flee. With the attack over we decide to take shifts sleeping and guarding. I will meditate and search inward to train my mind and body for the true mission I am partaking. Aside from everything else I am curious as to who Garr is and why the group is surprised about his return.

Holg's Journal X

After a couple more days on the road, we’ve made it to the small town that the missing father of the young female was last known to be. As we arrive I can tell me and Schurr were not very welcomed into this town, but we entered anyways. Since me and Schurr were not very welcomed, the others had to gather the information, we learn that this Timothy has made frequent stops at the general goods and the stone mason. We first stop at the stone mason, he tells us that he was hired by Timothy to create a stone warrior, but Timothy had blinded him till they’d arrive at the location, but he also tells us he had never finished because timothy stopped him before he could finish, he adds that it depicted a warrior. After the stone mason had given us all he knew, we went for the shopkeeper at the general goods store. He tells us that Timothy is a frequent buyer and has a few books holding for him. Don’t know why, but he turns to Astrid and says ‘hello, Timothy, how may I help you?", I’m a bit confused, but it doesn’t take much longer for me to figure out astrid had messed with the clerks mind. Anyways Astrid buys the books off of the merchant and some other items that Timothy had holding, everything for 2200 gold, the books themselves were 1200, quite a bit for paper with nonsense on them. We continue to look for Timothy, the shopkeeper tells us he lives in an abandoned fort, just a couple of hours out of town. We arrive at the fort, I go up to the door see if I can hear anything, I don’t, so Schuur gives it a shot, he tells us he hears nothing, so we enter. When entering, we see four statues each of them holding a chalice full of some sort of crushed powder. Anyway, me Schuur and Zarek go into the room on the far left of the building while Astrid and the dwarf go to the far right, don’t know where Mammon went but that doesn’t surprise me, he seems to have his own agenda. As we enter the door on the left, I see a dead hell hound on the ground and a burnt corpse on the ground, Zarek begins searching it while Schurr goes door to door checking what is behind them, I just stand around waiting to find this timothy so we can get back to Narwell. Shurr begins to leave the room, but one of the doors catches my eye along with Zarek’s. We go through it only to find a vast desert, thinking there may be something out here, the two of us continue on. After a while we see a small Kobold run away in fear towards us but runs right by us, we continue thinking nothing of it. We soon make our way to another door, only to lead to what must’ve been the other side of the building, as we pass through the door way, we start to hear loud smashing, as if stone was slamming against stone below us. Me and Zarek go towards the sound and spot a trap door, we go down only to find Schurr, Astrid, and the annoying little Dwarf looking into the room with multiple floating vials, and a 7’ tall stone warrior, this must’ve been the statue that the mason was talking about, because on of the feet was still in a solid piece of stone. I go to my left and start bashing at the golem, but surprisingly I miss and decide not to mess with that just yet, I jump up on the work bench that was in the middle of the room so I can re-gather myself for the fight. As I do, one of the vials comes at me and hits me and smashes, spilling oil onto me and my weapon, I’ll have to stay alert from other vials as i see Schurr on fire from hitting one of the vials. Behind me I feel a cold chain try to wrap me up, but I escape it’s grasp and am able to ‘kill’ it. I continue fending myself, as I see the Dwarf, Schurr and Astrid try to hold the golem, I hear them telling me to grapple the stone structure so that they may put some sort of helmet on it, I ignore them and decide to attack the glowing blue orb behind the statue. As i do, I get zapped by the lightning, and i see the orb glow red and blue now. Stunned, I freeze, but then another bolt strikes me and I back off. I see the dwarf on top of the golem and see the helmet was snugged onto the head of the construct. As that happens, Timothy, whom was knocked out before we got there, had stirred up, and we began to ask questions, and tell him why we were here. He tells us we must stop the orb from getting out of control, he tells us we need to pour some crushed minerals on it, he grabs a vile filled with the stuff and gives it to Astrid to pour on the orb, as she does, the whole fort seems to calm down and becomes quiet. As everything dies down, we see Mammon in rough condition, the Dwarf yells to him, “Damn, you look like hell!”, I couldn’t help from smirking. Anyway, Mammon passes us and smacks Schurr across the face, have no idea what that was about but again, the pathetic human made me smirk. He grabs the helm off of the now smashed golem and puts the helm on, he instantly falls asleep, and we start to make our way back to Narwell with Timothy to bring him back to his daughter.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.5

So we arrived at another small town like any other and did some research into this Timothy character and judging by the descriptions of the stuff he buys I would guess he’s alchemist. My hopes are that he may have some magical items as this year my turn in rate to the Cult has been low when compared to the previous year.

As we enter this place its like a literal Fun house, each room seems to lead to a area that is covered in another element. I went into the Kitchen while under the guise of a lesser evocation that makes me Invisible and once again the dumb dog sets off a trap. God This is why I generally don’t work with others.

After dealing with the kitchenware I open another room only to deal with a kobold hiding from Kitchenware. I opened up upon him as all the kobolds I have known at the first chance will stab you in the back. I noticed the wand and figure I will press the attack and once again the stupid dumb dog does something so incredibly stupid, he destroyed the wand he actually destroyed it!!

The dog from this point on means nothing to me. For a second I thought of lighting his ass on fire and then disappearing. I left him to go exploring a closet which had nothing of interest then went back to the room of fire and found a closet and tripped and saw a chest upon opening it I immediately realized partially due to frustration with the dog that like normal I would have cast a Invocation of Spiderclimb.

The Gravity of the room shifted and as I looked up the ceiling I saw what I thought was going to be my death spikes. After getting stabbed by one I managed to keep my self awake and and started to panic as I jumped to attempt to grab a chain the room shimmered blue then suddenly I was outside.

I staggered back into the now “normal” house. Guiness made a comment that I shrugged off and walked over the dog and slapped him across the face. I then saw the Helm that glowed blue, picked it up and after looking at it put it on.

When I awoke we were back in Naerwell and I put the helm in my bag as I will have to hold onto that for something special.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.4

Well after a good nights sleep I feel a little better not but much. WE found from the bar keep after Schurr reimbursed the Barkeeper for the destruction he tell us that the shopkeeper that me and Holg went to turned up dead and as a close friend wanted to know if we knew anything about it.

We proceeded to the shop to find it under the local guards watch.

Astrid manage to captivate the guard out side while I slipped in using a Evocation to hide myself. While inside I found two more magical items to add to my collection. The odd thing is whoever offed the guy obviously wasn’t in anyway looking for rare gems as they were scattered all over the place. I left the place and told them about it and we made ready to leave town.

I feel so weak at the moment and we are on the road. Well after a uneventful first day I feel a little better but that night however hobgoblins tried to raid us. . . um yeah let the gnoll loose on them while I remain hidden as none of them have any magic auras around any of them.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.3

So we had gone our separate ways in town but eventually I caught up with the group and used a Evocation or two to get some info as to why my fellow traveling buddies may have been here. Nothing out the ordinary their looking for for someone, meh for now I don’t care. Well later that night I heard a ruckus almost like someone was tearing the place apart. After a few minutes I left what little safety the door to mine and holg’s bedroom apart.

Upon looking down the hallway the door to the other room was totally destroyed and the dwarf was still sleeping trying to wake him u for a few minutes I proceeded to attempt to catch up to them after seeing the claw marks everywhere it’s like what the Nine layers of hell happen did someone let a squirrel loose near the gnoll??

I get down to the bottom of the stairwell and here again we’ve gotten ourselves into a fight with Schurr about to delimb a girl decked out in magical stuff I tried to get her to take it all off only to have her summoned minion (a shade) attack me.

The feeling is like coming off a Magic high for a week, I missed my younger days. After some time passed the dwarf help back to my room. Guna need some help from this one.

Holg's Journal IX

After the night of destruction in the tavern, the bartender had stopped us and said that we’ll need to pay for the damage, and had suggested that we look for another place to stay. That is until, only a few seconds later, he changes his mind but still asks us to pay, I can only guess that Astrid had pulled one of her tricks again. Anyway, we all go our separate ways and get some things done, I tend to the horses and carriage, getting it prepped for the four day journey to find a woman’s father who has been missing for a few weeks. As I do, I pass a posted piece of paper on the board, it catches my eye because it was, what seemed to be a wanted sign for our thought to be dead comrade, Garr. Last time I saw that face was in the ruined crypts of Miirym, going to collect the stone encrusted sarcophagus for Max. Garr had jumped through a portal, along with Zarek, made by a wizard to go chase him down, oddly enough Zarek had came through as the portal was closing, Garr was left behind. Being shocked seeing the face of a old friend, I take the poster down and putt it in my pack, and continue my way to the carriage. Later, after we’ve all done what needed to be done, we meet up at the tavern again, as we find a table, Schurr gives a parchment to Astrid and reads that it was Max, saying the sarcophgus had been stolen and was asking if we had heard anything. With his one-way badge to Max, Zarek explains that we’ve hadn’t heard anything, but he seemed more interested in seeing if our names were cleared, now we wait to hear from him again, at this point I bring out the parchment that I had found and have Astrid read it also, I could see the confusement and astonishment in both Schurr and Zareks face when Astrid brought Garr up, nothing else was said. The bartender comes up and speaks with Astrid. Soon after, Astrid comes up to us, and looks directly at me and Mammon, and says that the barkeep had told her the appraiser that he sent us to had been found beaten to death at his store and was robbed. Mammon talks with Astrid and the barkeep assuring that we had done nothing but get our items appraised. We decide that before we head out we’ll stop by the store and check it out. Mammon heads towards the door as if nothing happened, but the guard keeping watch stops him, they exchange words and Mammon leaves. As Mammon leaves, Astrid comes up and gets the guards attention, asking him if he knows anything about what happened and who was patrolling that night. As this happens, I see the door to the store open, and stay open, as if it were being propped open. Later, Mammon comes back and tells us that a case with jewels was smashed open but the jewels were still there. I think to myself how unusual that is, then I remember showing my gems to the man, and wonder to myself if the stones, sarcophagus, and Garr could all possibly be connected, I shrug the idea off, and we head out on our way. A day passes and nothing eventful happens, but as we set up camp for the 2nd night, two hobgoblins come out of the woods and demands we give them what is in our carriage, and would send us on our way. I give a good smirk to the two, and shout at them saying, “Do you really want to mess with us!?”. We ready our weapons and begin to fight the two, and by we I mean Schurr and I. As we charge at them, four smaller goblins come out of the woods behind them and begin to move in. Two goblins stand behind me, but within seconds, I hear a humming noise and a chill runs down my spine, the two goblins are thrown back into the woods, and I assumed it was Astrid with her powers and carried on with the battle in front of me. After me and Schurr had taken care of the four remaining, I run a ways on the other side of the clearing and manage to kill one of the goblins firing arrows at us, after most of the bandits ran away, we had time to rummage their bodies for anything useful or valuable, but find nothing but 80 gold, we simply throw it in the chest and sleep the rest of the night.

Holg's Journal VIII

As we make our way back to Narwell, we notice a few gray-robed monks that seem to be taking a couple of dead civilians, we recognize the monks as people whom take care of the dead bodies no one wants in their “possession”. Anyway, Zarek goes to talk to them, and I head back into town looking for a magical appraiser for the gems I’ve found and have had for months, he tells me what I already know, that they are magical and are unique due to the runes inside the stones. While I’m there, I also have him appraise the dragon mask that I have “collected” through my travels, he says that it’s a very nice item and would like to buy it off of me for around 700 gold, although a very pretty copper, I decide no, and consider it a trophy. We gather back at at the tavern, and rest up. Next thing I know, is that I wake up to a loud bang in the next room, the room with the other members of the group. After shaking off the cob webs, I head out to the next room and see Mammon running down stairs, with the Dwarf still in the room, and still not able to trust him, I stick around the two rooms and guard. I hear that familiar sound of Mammon’s fiery blasts, and just shake it off, then the dwarf runs out past me and down the stairs. Part of me tells me to head downstairs and slaughter whatever had waken me up, but I choose to stick around our loot, so to fight off any thiefs.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.13
Return and shadow

Upon returning to Narwell we decide to go our seperate ways, I go to the council to try and make a few connections. I’m introduced to the sherif via an escort out of the hall, and the cardinal knowledge that he knows who I am and that I am wanted but considering the cercumstances he will over look my past deeds. On that note I decide to go get some healing balm for the puppy to make ammends for my previous misshap that caused him pain. We eat drink and check on a possible job and find that the job has us searching for a v.i.p. and with some more info we decide to take it.
A little while later we decide to go back to the tavern. Resting in the room on the puppy; who has made his bed on the floor, the dwarf in the chair, Zarek and Mammon in the two beds left no room for Holg of which didn’t bother him for he had a room to himself. With the morning approach Schurr is roused by the sounds of the door lock being picked he grabs his trusty axe and aggressivly rushes the door, with a loud thud the middle of the door buckles under his strength and he makes an attempt at grabbing the intruder only to no avail. With time ticking away Schurr pulls the door open and rushes down the hall after the intruder I follow close behind and am able to make outt the fleeing person, it is the same person who caused our grief and troubles with the law. I try to control her but she just slips out of my minds grasp, but this persuit is far from over as we run after her down the hall Schurr rounds the corner and makes his way down the stairs, with a puzzled look on his face I realize his dilema she has disapeared. With all things that puzzle me I work my way threw them and try to read my opponents thoughts and find my prey and launch a sonic attack right in the direction of the target, which fortunatly for Schurr was right where he wanted her, with great speed and even greater strength he grapples her and holds her in his mighty grip. Zarek joins us down stairs and begins to understand what the comotion is all about with questions being asked and answers falling short of desirable Schurr grows impatiant and the mouth of this mystery guest is getting her further on the Gnolls bad side. Only after a Dagger is dropped on the floor and a kick to Zareks face (literally) yields the actions of a Gnoll to get even more aggreesive, his hold tightens. Mammon joins us and it’s almost a full party, with a little magical fire and a demonic grin he begins to intimidate our captive. With patience at it’s end and the preasance of a shadow, the Gnoll barbarian knocks our captive out with a few quick headbuts. The shadow is caught by a blast from mammon as he turned around in suprise, the shadow not pleased with the sudden fall of its companion attacks and weakens our resident Warlock with time ticking down and this new threat I begin to make my way between the shadow and Mammon. The shadow tries to attack me and fails, and in a the time of a breath Giuness rounds the top of the stair case and tries to rid the tavern of this unwelcome threat, which to everyones dismay does not work. With no other choice we back away and keep our distance as the shadow goes to its master and hovers over her as a faithful watchdog. With all the commotion we settle for a few moments and wait for her to come too and we let her leave after some dirty looks are glanced at our location. I say we are almost even she framed us we let her know we could have ended her existance maybe she’ll take that into consideration the next time we meet, considering Zarek assures us she will return.


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