The Shattered Lands

The Journey of Kalob Vol 2.

So we continued on the path that the Dwarves and I were on, making me think that they are headed to the same place.

We came upon an outpost of Orcs. It didn’t take us long to dispatch them, given that the odds were in my…our favor. I just hope that this Half-orc would use some planning but if he wants to be bait, that is his choice (he is a good punching bag though). My focus was the leader of this group, so he can deal this the others.

I am impressed with some of the skill that is here. The rogue did will with the one target he faced. The mutant rat shows some promise, he could also be a problem if our goals cross paths. This other Psy, lets just see if her sword is a sharp as her tongue.

I did find something of value, a warhammer that the rogue/caster told me had some magical properties. All the other items minus the gold I gave away. I just wish that the weapon was a scimatar instead of a hammer. I am holding out hope that I find something of use from this blasted chieftain.

*Note to self, watch the damned Half-orc, he seem a bite greedy and may try to claim what will be mine

The Journey of Kalob Vol 1.

Well that is the last time I trust two Dwarves from a tavern. “Just hide behind this bush” they say. “Don’t worry, it covers you find” they say. B%@##^%t, I was the first one attack and they could only kill six of those damned Orcs, weak! When I came to I was surrounded by some travelers. They are a ‘mixed’ bunch for sure. I will hold my trust for now, givien my last encounter.

I did find that one of them is a Psy, which gives some credit to the group. I didn’t get to much into the rest of the group. A fur ball, a thief, a half-orc and a rogue/spellcaster (I think) round out the group.

There is some strength in the group, which puts me at ease a little. Lets hope they can actually use some skill.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.19
Fellwick or umm... bust

The Gullside far behind us and the open sea ahead we make for Fellwick, which is the next stop on this ships roster, with a bit of luck we will make it with no incident is all I can hope for. We near a large storm and are told we should seek the shelter of below deck. The storm is swift to engulf us and soon we are being thrown back and forth with a few large jolts and lurches Schurr and I decide to go top side and find out what is going on, it takes a bit of strength to get to the deck but once there we notice the helmsman is unconsious and Zarek is steering the ship. Schurr and I are quick to make way to the helm and soon I notice Mammno climbing down the mast of the ship like a spider. The storm rages and the mysterious Zarek and the unparalleled strength see the ship threw but not without a scratch so repairs are needed we sail to the closest shore and row in for supplies to repair the ship. while there we are on the outskirts of a dark and foreboding forest no one summons the courage to go in and I have no intrest at this point in time maybe if I had more information. With supplies gathered and repairs finished we finaly reach Fellwick. Once we dock we ask the captain for the way to the inn. Once there it does not take long to find out there are wanted posters and info about the forest to the north and all thats needed to be said is about an old orc tribe and Holg starts a oneman crusade to bring honor back to the orcs of this area. It takes no time and he has gathered himself a small band of orcs. I guess we have our work cut out for us.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.18
First er... stop Gullside

Land ho at last we arrive at the Quayside of a town called gullside with a general direction we head to the local tavern for information and some grub.First Guiness and I make are way to find supplies for more ale and to allow him time to pray at his temple. when we get to the tavern for food we notice a wanted poster for us and promptly take it down. looking around at are surroundings i notice the bar has many patrons and seems to be a sort of arena. The bar seems to be a good place to make friends as Holg has struck up conversation with one of his kind. I decide to talk to the bar keep and find out that people have come by with the same agendas as the kingsmen. With a few hours of watching the combatents go at it in the arena soon i grow tired of watching the contestents and almost think about getting into the fray but soon remember that I havn’t seen Zarek and this may be a problem so decide not to get into a sparring session. Soon all of us are togeather and all of us enjoy a few more hours before leaving in seperate groups as to not bring up suspicion for people are very alert. When Schurr and I leave I get the strange feeling that something bad is a foot, as if on cue I spot assailants closing in on Holg and Zarek, with no time to waste I ready myself for combat and soon realize that these boys are not ready for the onslaught that awaits them and as soon as they attack a small band dispatches them with swift and deciisive action, even when the reinforcments arive they are no match and retreat with thier lives and a shout from Zarek “was it worth it for your men to die” I already knew this was his doing but what is he upto. Without trying to hard I know he is pissing on someones turf like a wild animal marking its territory he has got some serious skills or he is bluffing his way threw because taking on a giuld of thieves is no easy task.
Soon the watch is nearing and we decide to make haste for the docks and get away from the dead bodies which now litter the peaceful town. We arive on the ship and the first mate informs us the captain wants to talk to us, we or should I say I talk to the captain and assure him we are here to do the job we are hired to do and that everything else is ours to deal with that no harm will com to his crew or ship.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.17
An unsuspected docking

The morning sky on the horizon and our ship is underway and not to soon after the dock swarms with activity as the kingsmen arrive. with the weather clear for the time being we seem to get off to a really good start. As wit all good things they come to an end, as I am contimplating how to help the dwarf deal with his sea sickness poor thing, the boat lurches as it appears to dry dock itself on an Island in the middle of nowhere and with not much hesitation we go off in search of knowledge of this strange island and wait for the high tide to come in. Mammon is the first to disappear no surprise there and soon the rest of us are on our way through the thick fog and mist. the Island is riddled with wierd sounds and not to mention traps we make are way cautiously and meet up with mammon who looks preoccupied. I am not averse to many places but here would be my last vacation spot and the sooner i am off this small inch of map space the better considering it doesn’t even have a location on the sea charts. within moments we see a figure that seems to point us to a direction we should go in and then disappears, I dicided long ago that I will take charge of my own fate. I let the group know my thoughts and press on til we meet a hag with a giant moving house with what seems to be chicken legs? We all try to talk to her but she is crazy and we have not much time left so we press on and she allows us to go on.
soon there after the path lead us to another rather colorful character who likes to tell riddles and solve them we tried and in the end he gave mammon a branch and some leaves I guess I have two to keep track of this group is very intresting with all the worship of gods and relics. With the tide moving in it is time to make haste back to the ship and with luck the crew will be safe and sound and we can be off this little speck of earth in the sea. With the combined efforts of crew, schurr, and holg we get clear of the Island shore and off we go.
Guiness still looks worse for wear and has a slight distaste for the ocean voyage but still he is faithful I enjoy my servent’s company. I assure him we will hit landfall soon I hope.

Throught the eyes of Astrid Vol.16
A escort home

With Timathy finaly safe we make our way back to his home, and along the way I spend time getting my thoughts togeather for my mind seems to be racing for answers to questions on my own journey. Soon we approach a small town and with the fresh snow on the ground I take time to clear my thoughts and do something I havn’t done in awhile, SNOWBALL FIGHT prepare kiddies its is the time of war!!. and with thought I begin to play what a feeling to be free and youthful, though my time is short soon we are on our way and moving. Soon the evening sky is up and we decide it is time to make camp, and while we huddle around the fire for warmth a figure appears out of the fire, This I must say is unnerving and I ready myself for action but for some reason I do not feel threatened, our new visitor has a conversation with Zerak and I feel as though I need to pay more attention to Zerak for he has a tendancy to get into altercations and all sorts of odd situations. soon the being a Demon of some sort leaves as he entered and to my shagrin I learn that my comrade is more than meets the eye I am now very intrested in Zeraks objectives and motives. I’ll take my time though for he values his secrecy. The night goes by and we are soon on or way. Three days travel and we arive back at naerwell’s outskirts and are informed that the kingsmen are there in full force looking for us. I suggest ditching the cart and buggy and going further into the woods to wait for a messanger from Timothy, he is going to try and get us passage aboard a ship and out of harms way. In the mean time we feast on deer meat from Schurr and Holgs hunts and drink of the ale Guiness and I have been making for a few weeks. Soon after we recieve the messanger with eagerness and are informed that we have booked passage now for the trip to the docks. with plans formulated and a little fast talking, name dropping, and a little gold from my purse, I get the local guards to help escort us on the wall, to the docks. once there the Lady Elena awaits for us to board and speak with her captain. after a few moments we go below deck as the new security for the ship. The evening events over and fatigue setting in I find my comfy spot on puppy and settle in for the night.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.8

So here we where setting in the tavern and Holg decided to keep the stones and you could tell the wizard was pissed about the fact that Holg didn’t sell to him the stones.

After a while I was getting bored so I head back to the boat and got half way down the street when I heard a commotion behind me and saw Holg and Zarek with their weapons drawn and and saw one on the outskirts closet to me and opened up with my usual eldritch blast laced with fire not thinking it was raining out.

The Bastard turned around and threw a dagger at me grazing me and damaging my gear and cutting my arm. I was pissed. He tried to gain some cover and as I surveyed the fight I could easily see they had it under control as I ran forward to get a better view of him I opened up upon him with another blast laying him out.

I then noticed that the group had brought in rooftop support and fired upward a nailed one. I will have to think of a way to make these blasts more explosive maybe some way of pushing them back or repelling them.

Well in mid thought I must have missed their signal to retreat but as the rooftop assassins vanished from sight the last one on the ground crumpled from some form of spell that Astrid cast. Powerful for a little girl.

We then after I spotted the local guards closing in we all split up to meet back at the boat. The Captain called us in to talk and after a brief discussion he dismissed us and I went to Bed.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.7

So as we sailed on the boat I began to remanise about the rumors of a giant tree of magic on a island out here somewhere. As I was walking along the ship we grounded into land.

After doning my armor I decided to venture out and see if the fog would lift a little, then when he said it would have to wait for high tide I ventured out seeing as it would be two to three hours before the tide would be in.

Soon I fell into a pit of decaying fruit muck luckily only getting my boots covered in it. The rest of the group soon caught up to me and we took the path I somehow missed. As we ca,e to a fork in the road I decided to go left and a faceless figure kept pointing for us to go right.

After a little coaxing from Astrid Olidammara rest her soul We pressed on to only find a Hag in a bird tree. We talked to her for a few minutes being pressed for time I made my way past her mobile tree home as did the rest.

We came to a third figure who was doning the Theatrical Mask of Olidammara whom I knew to show my respect to, though Schurr and Holg semmed to not care to even be here disrepectful bastards. Though even if I was in front of there revered people I would outright in a hurry to leave.

So after answering a few riddles he broke part of the silverish tree and some leaves a placed them at my feet which I thanked him for properly. Taking them into my care as treasured items should.

Now we seemed able to get back to the ship quite fast as compared to the trip up here.

After leaving the next few days went by unobstructed as far as I noticed as I was busy working on my walking cane staff using the materials given to me. Knowing this project would cosume alot of my time using the other two staves I had for guidence.

We arrived at Gullside and I immediatly made for my parents inn. They greeted me home and asked if I staying long I said maybe the night. I then payed my dues to the church while my mom told a story about how Olidammara could blend different forms of Innate and Divine Magic to make it more powerful.

I had her scribe it down and said I wanted to visit the local magic shop. I bought a scroll about Imbued Staves and ran into Holg. We then went to another tavern felt kinda bad but I sat down with Holg. He was talking to the wizard about these gems he had pfft whatever the had necromatic powers whatever dont care for that.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.6

So I went from Putting on a Helm to waking up in the back of the wagon. Strange and unsettling, I made my choice to not do it again and not keep it as I have decided to reel in my “Hobby” and focus it in a better direction.

So I wake to a campfire with odd looks about peoples expressions and a sort of awkwardness around Zarek. I know I missed out on something but better not to pry into one’s personal affairs. Beside my is a strange looking ceremonial staff that I instantly realize that it’s got some magical properties and thanked Astrid for it sincerely.

We headed back to Naerwell only to come across a Guard stopping us to warn us that in killing that group controlling the drake the so called “High-King” of himself has demanded that we be turned over to them.

So Sir Timothy said to us he could smuggle us out of town and onto his boat due to leave first thing in the morning if we wanted to. After some discussion among the group we agree and he says he’ll send someone for us once he’s made the arrangements with instructions on what to do.

So myself and Zarek took the wagon after unloading the chest and “deposited” it along with the horses at a nearby farmstead. When we returned Holg and Schurr having their little “Pissing Contest” yet again seeing who got the bigger deer and apparently it was Holg this time. So I took a little bit they had cooked along with a mug of ale courtesy of Guiness.

I’ve taken notice of the simple fact that he is not one really for words. I went back to the roadside using the simple evocation to make myself invisible praying it does not snow. As it begins to I see in the distance a person approaching and quickly decide to this one time to lower my guard and released my evocation.

He handed a piece of parchment and turned around and quickly left. I unrolled it and it was indeed instructions from Sir Timothy on what to do.

I rushed back to the group reading it to them, we made ready to head into the city debating on how to get in unnoticed. While Astrid said she could get them in I have little doubt that either myself or Zarek would require aid in this task.

I once again raised my evocation and went right by the guards unseen. I made my way to Boat and told the Captain that the rest of them will be by shortly and that due to past events we may have a problem with the “High-Kings” guards. A short time later I see the group walking down the dock and asked jokingly what took them so long?

We are told that the first stop in our destination is Gullside. . . oh freaking Olidammara. I hadn’t intended on returning HOME for a long time. Fate though demands I go there now.

I go to sleep uneasily knowing where are headed. As we departed at dawn the “Kings” lackeys were coming our way to bad for them we had already left the dock.

Holg's Journal XI

After the odd encounter at the little shack, formerly a stone fort, we head out back to Naerwell with Sir Timothy to reunite him with his daughter. The first night we are on the road, as we set up camp and the fire is roaring, a dark figure comes out of the fire, and points to Zarek and starts talking to him in an odd language I’ve not yet heard in my travels. Zarek looks at him confusingly, and the figure begins to talk in common, saying that he was surprised to see another fire spawn, this caught my attention, this whole time I thought Zarek was just another human who spends too much time near fire, but the smell of brimstone makes sense now. Anyway, the apparent demon continues on, saying he was summoned by a cult in Sanctuary and was able to escape, then he just starts mumbling to himself, I figure he’s crazy, now I’m not certain of what to think of Zarek. The demon then walks back into the fire and disappears. We continue the rest of the way for 3 more days, once we get to the outskirts of Naerwell when we spot a guard on a horse come towards us, he informs us that the “King’s men”, are posted outside the walls and are looking for us. Timothy tells us he has a ship in port and that it should be leaving early morning, making stops at multiple ports, most noticeably, Sanctuary. We discuss our plans and decide to go for Sanctuary, Timothy says he’ll go inside and inform the captain, then send a messenger to tell us the details. While he leaves, We come to terms to get rid of the wagon and the horses, then we set up for a few hours, and while we wait, me and Schurr go out hunting, he comes back with a 5-point buck, I come back with a 7-point buck, we figure this should hold us up for at least a week on the ship, along with any other supplies we get at the other ports. We get the word to get going to the ship, Mammon goes invisible, and walks through the camp and the front gate. Us however had to find an alternative route, we walk around to the south wall and end up at Naerwell’s “higher up” area, Astrid manages to convince the guards that she knows someone in the court, and they let us through. We then climb on up to the wall, and Astrid bribes 2 guards to escort us to the port, when we reach port we meet up with the captain, and tells us that we’ll be sleeping in a spare room under deck, and sleep through the night.


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