The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal XIII

After Zarek takes out a lone guard on top of the cave, we head in, the cave seeming to get smaller and smaller, then it ends with a wall with a crack in it just big enough for each of us to go through. We come into a small room with glowing green goo on the walls, Zarek goes up and samples the goo, only to be grabbed by the goo, a few seconds later, it’s dead. We continue along, and come into another opening, I can hear Orcs coming down to investigate the noise from the previous encounter, within a minute they’re dead. On we go, soon hearing more Orcs asking if there was anything, I answer back with “must’ve been a false alarm”, then they ask for a password . . . . shit. Next thing we know, we’re in a trap where they are rolling a boulder big enough to just block the way, it slowly makes it’s way down, I run forward jumping into a crevice in the wall and wait for the boulder to go by. As the boulder goes by it begins to break the support column to the path, I soon hear cries of agony from the other side and realize Astrid is on the other side already, as I squeeze through, one is dead, the other soon to be. We clear our way through, eventually making our way to the chieftain, we make short work of the grunts but it takes longer to take down the chief. After all was said and done, I see Mammon bringing a greatsword to the new guy, I quickly decide to snatch it from him, but he seemed determined to give it to this “Kalob”, so I kill him. Kalob picks up the sword and I begin to attack him, after many trades of blows, he drops the sword and I begin to put blood runes on the magnificent sword and start chanting in old Orc not knowing what I was doing, entranced by the weapon. As I finish, I realize the others have left me to die, I’ll show them I’m not dead yet.

Holg's Journal XII

Leading a band of rather weak farmer Orcs to the old Orc tribe known as the Wolf Fang tribe, we head into the dark woods to the north. Well, it doesn’t take long for one of them to get killed, for there was a OwlBear in the tree lines, Mammon must’ve been invisible as out of nowhere a ball of flame hit the bear and seems to hurt the creature. It rages and charges for one of my orcs and bites and whips it’s head off, the other orcs are now cowering in their rough spun clothing, fools. The Gnoll then makes his move and kills the beast. We come to a clearing with stone ruins, dead orcs laying on the ground dead, I rally the orcs and get them ready for a tougher challenge. As I turn back around ready to move on, I see Zarek moving the bodies from a big pile of Orcs, finding a rather huge humanoid under them, seeing a couple swords near him, I can tell he may be of use to us. We continue down the path, going deeper into the woods. Eventually we find our way near a encampment, in a cage not far from the fire, there was a dire wolf. We proceed to enter the camp and we begin to clear house. After all was said and done I began to loot the leader of the camp, I find a wolf fang necklace on him (with such attraction from Mammon, I can only guess it’s magical), but nothing else of much interest. I take any armors I could find and gave them to the 4 remaining orcs and along with armor came some swords, which were a bit heavier than they could lift. Deeper into the woods we go, and come into an opening, sculls leading a path to the cave of the clan with the Eye of Gruumsh painted on the walls, reminds me of home.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 2

So after journey around for a while I found that no herbalist in town needed any help in return for any potions of any kind but hey such is the task at hand.

After a few hours I made my way back to the ship and not to long after the Captain approached me and said that the crew mate’s food that they are served is rather bland and asked me to accompany him to the local tavern for somewhat better or more appeasing food.

I agreed and set out with him. Upon arriving in this place it seemed somewhat crowded and the bartender seemed to be very busy so when he asked me what it is I wanted to eat or drink I simply replied whatever what take too much of your time and he gave me a mug of ale which I paid four silver for.

After a few minutes of looking around I saw the really tall guy from the ship and walked over to him. I began to politely ask if he had any info and he seemed to be rather hungry and told me to talk to him later about so I thanked him for his time and left a few minutes later.

I decided after returning to the ship to train with my spear. I stayed up for a long time practicing with it and it feels good yet odd to not be wielding a mace as the church of pelor shunned the use of other weapons.

I abandoned my mace when I fled with heavy regret but knew that it would immediatly give me away to any possible scouts they have looking for me. So I paid a visit before I made ready to flee and retireved it, the spear that recon training officer trained me in using. . . the spear.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 6

I am feeling better and rested. Now my belly is telling me it is time for a meal again, I guess I didn’t eat enough the first time. It is late, so the night life is ramping up.

Before I go I have to train to acquire my own companion. I have had my sights of an elemental, electric will do. As I am not expecting any trouble tonight, I will not summon him yet.

Finally, I have found some of the group. I see Astrid talking with the barkeep and flashing some platinum, which peaks my interest. From meeting with her, there is something she is not willing to talk about right now but she did said later and whatever she is hiding has made her really happy. Plus she is flipping the bill for the night and I am not going to argue.

Before I headed to a table, I showed her the poster I found in town. Her reaction says there is a story behind it but she tells me that some storied need not be told. At this time I have not been given reason to care. I went to throw it on the floor and she suggests that I burn it instead, so I did.

So I order more food and drink. While I feasted, the girl that rented the ship approach me and started asking question. To be honest, I hate being bothered while I eat. She seemed to be out of touch with herself since she was asking about people like her. After asking her to come find me something after I am done eating, she left.

Food is gone and I feel full and restless. I notice a couple of big, burly guys (a dwarf and a human) in the bar and one woman, I think it is a woman. Time to test my strength. My choice was the human since the dwarf would put me at a disadvantage with his short arms. He accepted the challenge. The stakes: 5 gold, the challenge: armwrestling.

I overpowered him for most of the match. He tried to make a move near the end and stumbled. I tried to take advantage. If it wasn’t for luck, I would have failed because I stumbled too. I have to laugh to myself because his friends were urging him to ask for a rematch, I granted him one. This time I did not wast my time and put him down quickly. As a gesture, I tossed him a gold piece and returned to the table with Guinnuss.

I remember to give him that warhammer as I sat down, he didn’t say anything but seemed pleased. After a few moment Astrid started telling, psychically, what the captains plans were and when we were to leave. So I assisted Guinnuss back the ship and went to bed, preparing for the next day.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 5

So I traveled to Aldenport with them. The rest was well deserved since I am battered pretty bad.

Once is town my next step is to find a shop to get this gear looked at. I am hoping they are of some use. Wouldn’t you know it, the hammer is blessed and is of no real use to me. Wait, come to think of it, Astrid’s companion is a cleric….. I think. At the least I got a new chainshirt with deflection on it, so one out of two.

After selling the old shirt, it is about time for some food. I have keep my guard up so long that I forgot to eat my rations, dumb move. I guess near death is enough to distract a person.

I make my way to a tavern close to the docks. It is great to fill my belly with food and drink. I think i will wait here for a bit and maybe someone from the group with show up.

I have waited to long, I am tired, so I will head back to the ship for a nap. As I walk, I notice a posted on the wall of building. Hmmmm, the pictures look rather familiar. I will hold on to this.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 1

So the Captain of the ship that I booked passage on has given up his personal quarters for my use during the trip which I thanked him deeply for. Though I think it was more to put the crew on ease than for my benefit. He told me though we would have to wait for the mercenaries hired to protect the ship are late in returning and seem to cause him more trouble than they are worth.

So we waited a whole day and he knocked on the cabin door to let me know that one of them had returned. So I proceeded to go back to trying to plan out what to do next. a few hours later the rest started to file in slowly I decided not to bother with them and take a nap after my evening meal. when I awoke it was early morning and refreshed myself in the captains’ private bathing tub.

I spent the day going over all my notes as I knew I would need this time to plan as after I hit town I was going to have to go from there on what to do next.

The following day I got a little anxious as sitting around was not something I was accustomed to. I got myself fully dressed and walked out of the cabin and saw the oddest mercenaries ever.

The first was a girl not yet out of her teens but by the way she carried herself I knew she had the ability to hold her own in a fight.

The other was huge he must have stood at least six and a half feet tall easily and carried two scimitars though he seemed as though he could easily best two or three men in a fight all alone.

The next two days went by peacefully thankfully. And upon arriving in the port town I told the captain I may or may not be travelling any further with them but will have a answer for him within the next five hours and proceeded to the nearest potion shop to see what healing supplies the may have.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 4

The dwarf found a passage we could use to exit through, there was one problem; 6’11" me VS a 4’ hole in the wall. There are days where I wish I was shorter, but I remind myself to stop whining and move on. We traversed the passage and found a room with a sleeping area and some baggage. I preceded to search the room. I was successful at finding the only trap in the room after the floor vanished from under my feet. As if I was in any condition to make that mistake. The big furry one lowered a chain and hauled me out of the hole. From this point on I will follow until I can properly mend myself.

At this point I would give an ear for some smelling salts because this damp passage and the fur ball are not mixing well. There is another foul smell in the air that is much more hideous, I just hope that who ever it is pinches it of until we get fresh air.

Luckily the rest of the our journey back to town is uneventful, minus having to gather the horse up after an apparent run in with a creature. Upon arriving at the town, it would appear that we made it back in time for I was told by Astrid we needed to hurry to their ship. This is not what I was looking to do but if I am to use this party’s assistance I will comply.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 3

We made our way into the main chamber of the cave. With the chief in sight, we took care of all those that stood in our way. After the fight was over, I was handed the sword that was in the belonged to the chief. Apparently Halog did not take to the caster doing this since he pummeled him into the ground (which to be honest, was funny). I could see this was not going to be as easy as I hoped for. Halog turned to me and demanded the sword.

Let me think about that……. NO! Ha ha, He didn’t like that. Well a challenge he wants, a challenge he shall get.

He did get the jump on me and hammered me but I returned with a series of blows. With rage in his eyes he struck again, wounding me badly. I quickly realized I would need some healing, so I channeled deep from within before launching my next attack. I was able to stagger him finally. This was all I was looking to do anyways, next time he should think to ask. I was lucky though, had he hit a little harder I would have lost. At the least it was a better fight than what I have had recently.

The sword wasn’t really of any use to me, so I gave it to him.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.10

So I met up with the group just inside the forest boundary so as to not attract attention keeping myself invisible.

We came across a owlbear feast on a corpse and quickly dispatched it. Then Surveying the scene we found a 6’11" tall guy kinda of on the slim side with two scimitars so seeing as such he must be another warrior.

He must have a weird thing going on as he and Astrid are doing this weird nods and he keeps talking at her but she says nothing.

Anyways we moved on from there and ended up attacking a small orc campsite. Kalob found a warhammer that is magical and Holg got a wolf necklace talisman that was as well.

I still feel like I am being watched and extreme distance so am being very watchful at the moment. I worry that my aspiration of meeting this High King and maybe joining him is compromised. But for know we will play it by ear.

The New Adventures of Mammon pt.9

So after a quick exit from home and a nice change in the weather they called it a storm I just thought it was a nice ocean breeze. We made it to Fellwick the captain begged us not to cause any problems here.

Well after learning about a Javelin in the local Temple of Zeus, A tower full of Magical items, and a tribe full of Orcs guarding a sword or such of immense magical power I decided to check out this Javelin.

After a brief conversation with some of the local clerics I made plans to acquire it that night. Well it went off with minimal problems but I know they will be looking for this Javelin. They decided to go to the Orc Tribal place at least Holg did can’t blame him though.

Lately though I feel like I am being followed so I will have to be careful.


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