The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal XVI

As we get back to the ship, I stow away the crate in the cargo hull like the captain wanted, he tells me we’ll be leaving not too long from now. So I take advantage of the time I have to go out and buy a crossbow for any long-ranged battles we have with pirates, and then head to a tavern for a more comfy feel before we go.

I must’ve lost track of time, as the next thing I know is one of the sailors from the ship comes to get me back to the ship, “Captain’s Orders”. As I board the ship, I see multiple people just standing around on the deck, there must’ve been 8 just standing around. I don’t know why the captain would hire more people, some people just look weak and we barely have any space as it is. Then I hear them speaking about “her”, I assume it’s either the new girl, Kacee, or Astrid, considering they’re the only females on board.

Anyway we set out of port and make our way to Bluffside, a week across the ocean and just under a week from Miirym which is just up North. Three days into travel, and we spot a ship behind us and is coming closer my the minute, it wasn’t hoisting it’s flag so the captain can only assume it’s pirates.Seeing the inevitable fight, I ready my crossbow, but the closer they I get start to discover this is not going to be a ranged fight. The pirate ship was bigger than ours and had came up on our starboard side, almost as soon as they dropped boards to cross, the fight begins.

I run across and see a man with a shield, wielding my new great sword, I attack his shield and try to break it knowing the claw’s potential, it leaves quite a crack in the shield and I continue the attack and soon drop him. Next thing I knew,a sailor comes down the stairs in front of me and another one runs around me, they have me flanked, as I slash at the one in front, they both get me pretty good. Then I see an arrow shoot towards my area from our ship, I see Zarek on the other end of the bow, the arrow finds it’s target in the fellow behind me, between Zarek and the Dwarf the pirate behind me falls, not long after the one in front dies as well.

Seeing as most of the other members have the other half of the crew on deck, I go under and check under deck, I find four little humans pouring oil on the ground and throwing crates and barrels down. One of the crewmen throws a lantern at my feet and soon the bottom deck is on fire, seeing as there was nothing I could do, and the crewmen jumping off ship, I go back upstairs and start checking through the rooms. I’m not gonna let this ship go down without looting first, I can feel the wood below me warm up, but about a minute later I see light smoke coming through the cracks and the wooden planks start to cool. The others must’ve found a way to put out the fire, now we can rummage through everything left after the fire, and possibly think about taking this ship on our own.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 9

After we all made it back to the ship, we were informed that we had a little time before we left and that was a good moment to purchase the bow I need.

The ship is now full and the captain is ready to leave and so am I. We traveled for some time. One of the crew noticed a ship approaching from the rear. Good a fight to pass the time. All who were not to scared to fight prepared, the “women” hide.

I made the first move and blasted him with a new skill I have learned. From there it was mass hysteria. Once again Astrid had to push people around, and off the boat. The bodies started to pile up and their captain did not take to kindly to it. He gave the order to scuttle the boat and he tried to make his exit with a life boat. Cutting the ropes and jumping in after it. So to did the gnoll.

I started to see some of the group head underneath, so my pet and I continued pursuing the remaining attacked at the back of the boat. Sparks walloped him good, in fear he jumped ship. So…. I sent Sparks after him. At first, I was content to let him die in the water. I got to thinking he might be of some use with info and had him carried back to the boat. Once he was let go on the deck, I grabbed a hold on him and body slammed him while Sparks knocked him out.

SMOKE!!! Oh wait, it is disappearing. Everyone started to collect on deck. Puppy climbs out of the ocean with the limp captain. The ones from the lower deck seemed a little scorched but not to bad. So now what are we going to do with two boats.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 4

So after setting down I have come to the conclusion that I must find myself a hobby in order to keep mind and body at peace with my new life. I hope one day the Shadowguard realizes its mistake but in the mean time this is what my life has become.

But after a while a crowd showed up looking for the young female mercenary. At first I was disturbed by the fact the they seem to revere her in a way similar to that of a god. By after a few min she came and talked to the captain and the next thing I knew I was informed that I would be sharing my private room with them.

I was happy to oblige but was astounded that she seemed to be on quite friendly terms with people she had never met before to my knowledge. After another hour or so the captain was ready to leave so he sent a runner to retrieve the Half-Orc I’ve come to know as Holg.

Upon their return we made ready to sail. A few hours out and we were made aware that a pirate ship was closing in so all of us made preparations to repel the attackers. Well the odd part is not only after a very interesting and short fight we had turned the tables to point that we had become the aggressors.

Once we had made it down to their forward hold we soon learned the error in pushing them that far. They had three crewman making preparations to scuttle the ship. Myself, the Dwarf called Guiness, and the young female whom I finally learned was called Astrid spent the next thirty seconds using spells of sorts to quickly dose the flames with great success I might add.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 3

So we all went with the captain in the morning to this place to get his “special cargo” and I had a bad feeeling from the get go but oddly enough no one inside the warehouse started anything even though you could feel the tension in the air.

I am still amazed at the strength of this gnoll and half-orc. He single handedly lifted up a coffin-like crate big enough for him to fit in. As we exited the warehouse my fears became reality, an ambush.

At the very least after looking around at our assailants at the very least the other seven shadowspies weren’t among them. But never the less I took a simple precautionby raising the simple ability I learned in my brief time at the church of pelor.

The battle proceeded to be of little challenge espcially with the gnoll. All I saw was a axe go flying into one of the attackers and then a whistle and people shouting while we quickly make for the ship.

I sat down while waiting and suddenly a thought washed over me, is this what my life has truly become? Working with a bunch of mercenaries to protect cargo? It would be one thing if I was still in the shadowguard tracking down evil and then calling in a Shadowstriker Cell to dispatch them. But doing this? it leaves me feeling empty without a purpose, like there is really no reason to go on.

NO, I can’t think like this. I may no longer be in the Shadowguard but I can still serve Pelor I will just have to adapt to having no backup. I will find a way in this world to still do what I know to be right. I will just have to keep a low profile while doing it.

A few minutes later the teenage girl along with the gnoll come in bringing a unconscious girl in his arms.

Holg's Journal XV

In the morning we find it to be a bit colder than it has been, snow has fallen on the docks, I was hoping we’d out run the cold the farther we go south, but I’ll have to withstand it like every other snowfall in the past. We gather ourselves and our gear, we head out with the captain to the warehouse just by the docks, as we make our way the Captain stops and asks us to “behave”, I think we’re starting to get on his nerves. We enter the warehouse’s small courtyard, on the other side there is a door, the captain knocks, behind the door there was a little man. A few exchanged words between the two, the door opens and we enter, as expected, there were stacks and stacks of boxes, in the middle of it all there were four men and a wooden crate, the crate was roughly the same size as me.

The four men seemed non-too happy with the extra men the captain has brought with him, either way, the men proceed with the deal, soon the captain tosses a bag of coins on the crate. Signaling to the back of him, the apparent leader of the other group motions a little halfling up forward to count the coin. Something about the halfling caught my attention, as the halfling was done counting, she looked in our direction and looked puzzled as well. With the deal done, the captain looks back towards me and tells me to get the crate, I look at the crate, size it up, and put it up on my shoulder and start making my way to the courtyard. As we leave the courtyard, I see multiple people on top of a building in front, and then I see three bigger guys in the way to the docks, it was obvious the others saw them too as they ready themselves for battle, seeing that I’m a big target with the crate on my shoulder, a small dagger was thrown at me and cut me a little, so I head back in the courtyard and put the crate down. As I do, one of the big guys jumps over the small fence and comes at me, finally I get to use my new tool, it proved to be quite handy.

I look around to see the others progress with the other attackers, they seem mostly done, except the new tall guy and his little floating “thing”, and Schurr. Before I get ready to move the crate to the ship, I see Schurr throw his axe at one of the muggers and chase her down, not long after, we hear whistles blowing and people shouting, what has the Gnoll done now? The captain hurries me to the ship and tells me to stow it in the cargo hull. Not long after, Astrid, Schurr, with . . . a limp female in his hands, why the heck did he bring a dead or unconscious person here, why not just leave her dead, we’re leaving here later in the day anyways.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 8

I readied myself for battle. You could tell we were measuring each other up. No one was eager to jump into action. I had Sparks position himself on the peak of the roof. I saw the new girl make some gestures and suddenly I felt tougher. I took the opportunity to raise my AC with force screen. Then I saw Guinness make his own gestures and a feeling of focus washed over me. That is when all hell broke.

Blows were traded. Bodies flew into the air landing on the roof. “Puppy” tried to scale the wall and reach the roof but managed to only make it half way. So I thought I would one-up him and take the high ground over the one in the alley. I ran towards a long shed that was attached to the fence in front of me. Laughingly, I could not do any better than him and landed up against the wall. He at the least made it half way, but it didn’t matter much since the bandit jumped the fence and failed on him swing. Sparks decided to make the wind an ally and changed it’s direction and speed to make it harder on the ranged attacks from the roof.

A lot blows were traded, many of there’s missed while ours’ did not. Most of them were helpful but Guinness, for some reason decided to go through the fence. In retrospect, he is short. One, in particular, was amazing. Puppy latched on to one of the bandits and launched him down the street and slamming into a strange figure. Come to think of it, I don’t think he was there at the beginning of the scrap. There bodies soon started to fill the streets with blood. Amazingly most of us were untouched.

All of a sudden I see an axe fly off of the roof and land against the body of the lone female in there group. She paused looking at her attacker and then ran. Puppy’s ears perked up and he launched himself off of the roof and chased her down a side street.

With none of them left standing I decided to take just the coins off of the bodies as i caught up to the rest of the group as the headed to the ship. In the distance you could hear the sound of a whistle blasts and I had noticed that Astrid was not with use. My will keep my focus on getting this box back to the ship.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 7

My night was completely uneventful, which I did not mind. I really hope this job is worth my time because I still do not know what this arrangement they have going is all about and I am not looking to die for nothing. I certainly haven’t found a reason to die in this group.

The morning was chilly and dusted with snow. We all traveled with the captain to the warehouse to get this package. When we reached the warehouse I figured that it would be beneficial, with a group of this size, to find all possible ways to get jumped. Everyone entered one door with the captain, I went to the other one in the courtyard, locked. Sparks (my new companion) went over the top on the building looking for anyone hiding on the roof. He ended up directly west of my position in an ally with a door. Checking it, he found it was unlocked, so I made my was around the building.

I opened the door slowly trying not to make any noise, knowing I am far from the stealthiest. I managed to squeezed through. DAMN!, about 15 feet in front of me is a humanoid perched behind some boxes watching the group and thankfully he hasn’t noticed us. I started to gather that the tension in the room was getting high since he had his hand readied on his sword, now I really hope this package it worth it. I hope things don’t turn bad quick because I can only see ears and hair floating around the tops of boxed with the occasional peak of a head.

I could hear some muffled talking and the clink of what I believe was coins and wood. I saw a little person appear in the distance moving from left to right. Out of nowhere a long box shot into the air onto what I would imagine is someone shoulders. Then I heard footsteps heading towards the door. Now lets see if I can repeat my earlier success and get out of hear. I guess that guy was really focused on the rest of the group because I move like a bull.

I hurried up the street to catch the rest of the group. I stopped in my tracks when I noticed that we were slowly surrounded. One of them was to my right on the other side of a fence. Three were on the roof of an adjacent building to the warehouse. My group was between me and the rest of the bandits, I think I saw three, could have been five.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol. 21
Die orcs Die

With a new member in the group we get going even further north in search of the orc chiftan Holg is persuing and a magical sword that Kalob was looking for before him and the dwarves he was traveling with were attacked. The area up here is not bad but I must admit I grow curious as to what will become of our band if and when we finish our business with the supposed high king and if max will give me what I am looking for. As the day winds down we encounter a small orc encampment where orcs are draining a horse, and a dire wolf in a cage. Again this party is a well oiled killing machine all of us take to dispatching our enemies with well timed tactics and precision… ok.. I mean brute strength and sizable force, no finesse just raw unbridled power we are still young some in age others in ability, but I would have it no other way. With this encounter behind us I gather some more knowledge and want to try some new things. Well with no time to waste we push onward to the cave we were told about.

The cave is of course a great place for the orcs to be holed up in. The first to enter of course is Zarek who insist on being a scout someone should tell the others who eagerly fallow right behind him. The first alcove has some water running threw and some glowing substance in a corner which we soon find out is a living creature that attacks Zerak. unfortunatly the thing was not smart enough to mind. the rest of the group helps drop the slimey being in moments. Continueing to the next section of the cave we encounter a hall with pillars and at an angle and surprise its a trap a boulder begins to roll down the long hall and with the reflexes of a god I react by moving into a small crevase ahead of me, knowing there is not enough room in the crevases in the hall for more than one the math is easy to tell some of us are going to have to run or die I hate traps and at the same time like the surprise it challenges my mind and body. Soon the boulder moves by and behind the boulder I see orcs pushing the mammoth sized rock so I take the time to introduce them to my calling card and begin to administer my pest removal plan. focusing my energy and my mind on my opponent I begin to biuld my power until the right moment and unleash a torrent of energy which slams two of the Orcs into one another and into a wall, A few seconds later I am ill impressed at the sonic boom that hits me with a jolt to my very bones and fills my ears with a ringing sensation, I can only assume what it was but I can not be sure and its of little importants I need to stop these pest before me. Soon our agressors are on the bad end of a Gnoll known as Schurr and one very pissed off Holg. After the dispatching of the orcs in this hall we press on and eventually make it to the main chamber.
The main chamber is a mess hall complete with throne and treasure oh and did I forget to say FULL OF ORCS imidiatly we are spotted. I know we have very little time so I make a move to insist that the Orc with the dressings of a chiftan not go for a sword and soon the familiar sounds of battle ensue, the death cries of Orcs fill the chamber as Schurr cuts a swath through the enemies defenses, Holg takes the battle straight to the chieftan and the rest of us take out the stragglers. With the battle over in moments we search and gather the trasure and find we are sitting on a chest with a large ammount of copper, suddenly I am fueled with an idea to make us a little nest egg for our future, cut short of my thoughts I notice holg and kaleb fighting over a sword, Holgs eye fueled with bloodlust and mammon is lying dead on the floor the match is soon over with Holg hurt and with the sword and Kaleb walking away with his head high. soon we are on our way out and not to many of us are waiting for Holg we continue to get out of these acursed caves and back to the surface. The way is one tight corridor after another and a trap that almost takes Kaleb out of the equasion. but we manage to get out and spend the night above ground.
The next morning we take a moment to gather ourselves and make our way back to the ship. I am pleased that we make it back to the town with much success and little risistance. When we board the boat we learn Holg is already on board ship but in very bad shape, I send guiness to heal his wounds but only after I made sure he was unconscious.

Through the eyes os Astrid Vol. 20
One mans ambition

With Holg ready to lead his small band of Orcs in glorious battle, we head out of town and go north to find the chieftan of a local tribe of orcs, Holgs target goes by the name of Gurrmanytooth who is the powerful leader of the Fist of Iron clan. With the town at our backs and a agenda ahead it takes no time at all before we find a small area with Ancient Ruins where a small scurmish had occured With Dead orcs and a couple of dwarven bodies littering the ground The group quickly realizes the tall bear looking creature in the midst of our presance, It takes no time for me to react but even I know not to jump into things, mammon on the other hand jumps right into the fray and gets it,s attention by blasting the beast with his powers which seem to just agrivate it even more. with the beast upset and angry it quickly closes the distance and proptly attacks one of holgs orcs and makes a snack of the poor creatures head, well one down and the others begin to flee. Its beak full of blood and flesh we now see the familiar face of the beast also known as an owl bear. Within moments our Barbarian has the owl bear down and out and as a group we begin searching the area for signs of life and to dissern the battle we have stumbled upon, a little time passes and we stumble onto a body a rather tall man who is still breathing and seems to be in okay shape, the unknown man sits and meditates which I find to be amusing I wonder if he is doing it for the same reasons I do and I ask him his name.. Kalob is his reply. I am now very Intrested in finding out this mans true potential.

Holg's Journal XIV

I some how make it back to ship before the others, since getting the sword I’ve been quite entranced by it. Feeling very weak, I go straight to the hull of the ship and rest till the next town, waking up feeling fully rested and strangely cured of my wounds. I also recall dreams and images of the sword, it has ties with Gruumsh this I am certain, I have heard tales of it’s great power, but thought it to be just something the old man would tell me to love my Orc ties. First thing I do after the long sleep, head straight for the closest tavern and grab a good meal and mug of some fine ale. Other than the normal joyous times in the ol’tavern, Astid comes in buying everyone’s first round of drinks, with 50 platinum pieces, I knew we were in good wealth but even I just don’t go around and spend any platinum. Before we leave, I swear I could hear Astrid’s voice inside my head, she was telling me that we’ll need to be up and early, and that I should think about grabbing a ranged weapon, because once we head out onto the ocean, we may get into a pirate fight. Anyway, I head back to the ship, but being that I just slept for a few days, I stayed awake and just sat at the docks. Only then do I notice yet another new voyager on our ship, she was practicing with a short staff, I can see her eyes glisten in the moon, golden. Next thing I know Zarek is on his way back into town, I presume he is just on his way back to the tavern, but when I look back into the town’s direction and see him attempting to climb a small building, he seems to be having trouble. He then goes around the corner, he soon comes back looking puzzled and angered.


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