The Shattered Lands

The Journey of Kalob Vol 12
What did I do now?

We searched the bodies and the rest of the room. People searched in rooms, on wall and looked through rubble. A noise emits from the room behind the altar. Someone has found a door, so we proceed through it. We didn’t get far before Puppy stop short of a crystal in the wall. I walked by him and up to it after he threw his axe at it. It feels psionic but not knowing the power inside, I continued to smash it. I got one hit in when Kacee approached but before anything else was done, another axe hit the crystal barely missing our heads.

With everyone back to there normal selves, the next obstacle we came to was a landing with a fog filled stairway on the opposite side. Puppy threw a bone he have been carrying. It just disappeared into the fog. Me and Sparks were called forward to blow the fog away, only to find out that it is coming from glyphs around the hallway. Looking around we found four holes in the wall. For some reason Kacee decided earlier to cut parts off of the fallen, luckily. The tentacles fit in the hole perfectly and the mist stopped.

We carried onward, up the stairs. We have been in here awhile and with no reference of time, we can not tell how long. We come upon a room with beds, yes beds, rest finally. I don’t care if it is trapped, I need to lay down. Before I know it I am alone in the room, damn that rest didn’t last long.

The hall opens up to a room with many large crystals in it. Six are high in the air and one VERY large one in the middle. Looking around, me and Astrid realize that these too are psionic in nature. There are odd, randomly connected circle on the floor. Astrid and I tried touching the center crystal and focusing. AHHH!, it felt like my thoughts we shot back into my head. I looked around and saw that Halog was near a control panel. From what I am able to gather, they have to do with other planes of existence. Just then Halog starts pulling levers and I start putting them back. I yell at both him and Kacee that we need to figure out what they do first but caution is not their strong suit.

With all levers pulled the roof parts and we can see that the night is no more but the fresh air is welcomed. Now with the center active, I decide to touch the crystal. I had to use all my might to resists the separation of my mind from my body.

Nine drawings on the surrounding wall apparently started to glow when all the levers were pulled. Seeing Astrid touch a couple and no harm coming to her, I did the same. The first one I touch, something gets my attention as I get somethings attention in return. As I am rudely and painfully detached from the drawing by Astrid, she childishly yells at me “NO touchy”. We make it all the was around the room with no further knowledge of what this thing is for. We have figured out it is telepathic in its use.

Looking at the pattern on the floor, I went to the panel and pulled two specific levers. Approaching the crystal, I touched it……..

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 7

So here were two mighty evil beasts slain before us. I said a quick prayer to Pelor and then was handed a cloaked by Astrid and took it with great thanks. It was dark grey and shimmered so I knew it was special. I cut the tentacles off the smaller one and the head off the larger one. I donned it and began a search of a back room.

After a few minutes I found a hidden door, I turned and went to yell out to Guiness to come here and heard a roar and a loud thud. Holg in all his brilliance tried to charge the door. I have to give him some credit he moved it a little.

A second later Schurr showed up and easily pushed it back. He proceeded up the stair well with me right behind. A few minutes of stairs and suddenly Schurr backs up and throw a axe at a tiny gem in the wall.

Kalob walked up to hits it and nothing so I made my way by and just then another axe flies by and smashes it to pieces! I guess gnolls don’t like shinny things. We proceed back up the stairs and came to alanding with a fine mist comming from some where then yet again Schurr throw a bone he is carrying into the mist.

I called for Kalob and asked if his familiar could help us out being a air elemental and all. We discovered the mist is not only acidic but also emmanating from glyphs. Astrid start to do something with dirt then Kalob points to holes wondering if it was meant for those monster we fought.

I placed the tentacles into the socket and mist stops then I pulled them out seeing if it would remain off or not. Seeing the Mist start again I placed them back in then proceeded up again. We can to a semi landing semi-landing semi-room area with gems and both Schurr and Kalob lay down to rest. Astrid says to the group let keep moving we can’t stay here, the gnoll starts having a weird reaction then smashes a gem on the way out. He must really not like shinny things.

We finally reach a huge room with a metal ceiling and insstinctively know we reached the top. after surveying the room it has six pillars with a crystal at each then a big one on a pedestal in the center. At this point I see Holg and Kalob pulling levers on either side and I walked over thinking that they didn’t think to pull the middle one?

Kalob immidiatly stopped me then after a few min Holg pulled one side lever than another. The Ceiling literally opened up! He pulled them one after another Kalob all the while trying to stop him. I walked over and pull the final two.

Pictures on the wall light up with some magic and Astrid, Holg, and Kalob start touching them. I went and touched the center crystal and it felt like my mind was being torn from my skull. Seeing nothing else I made my way back down the tower. I got about two minutes past the room with the couches and still no one followed so I walked back grabbing a cushion from one of them seeing that it was well into the morning maybe they were resting and sure enough they were so I laid the cushion and proceeded to rest.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 6

So the next morning tired from all the previous day’s activities the group decided to try to scale the tower and attempt to enter it where countless others have tried and thus far failed. After sailing out to it one by one we started to climb it along the way I kept asking for blessing on this trial.

About 500 Feet above the water level I lost my footing and fell thankfully I only slighty hurt myself. I made the trek up to the base of the tower and sat down to rest for a bit. A few minutes past and the was a rumble and directly in front of Astrid there was a door that was concealed only a minute prior.

After a quick idea to grab a torch I used a simple ability I was taught that enhanced the Light that objects give off. We climbed for what seemed like hours only stopping when we came across a skeleton with its’ skull cracked inward.

A while later we came upon a metal door that with the help of both Schurr and Holg they ripped it from its’ hinges. Upon entering I immidiately realized this was ment to keep it occupents in and people out.

Three Pillars of a frozen crytal-like substance adorned the room another shattered with shards covering the floor. Prison cells, I immidiately thru out my senses enhanced with divine magic hoping that they would not be. . . Pelor help us. The crystal closet to me emmanated raw evil. Just as I called for Guiness to come over and to check my suspicions I heard Holg yell to us.

Grabbing my spear in hand I ran and saw it as it appeared. . . a monster that looked human but with a squid for a head. I struck it once then it wrapped a tentacle around my throught and as it prepped the others to do so as well a sudden force knocked us both down and me in the process freeing me from its grasp.

Schurr fell upon it with such ferosity the it sooned lay dead. Up till now my mind was content to deal with this but as I turned around A biiger one stood before us. We all went at with all our strength and it to soon was laid upon floor.

The Journey of Kalob Vol. 11
We are not alone!!

After there was a bit of discussion and observation in the morning, we gathered some supplies and a boat and headed to the pillar. We also found out that the tower had some history; gods, slaves, revolt, you know typical stuff. As everyone else climbed the side of the pillar to the leadge half way up, I had Sparks fly me up. It took hours for everyone to make it. During that time, I began to feel something odd, something familiar and since land was hundreds of feet away, it must be coming from the tower.

It was nearing dark as everyone arrived so we started to make camp. I got my bedroll out and then decided to meditate while touching the tower in hopes of aquireing some information. I got the feeling Astrid was feeling it to when she did the same thing. After some time I gave up but Astrid had began stareing at it. I took a couple of steps towards the fire when I heard a rumbling, a door appeaered in front of her. I hastely gathered everyone else.

I have never smelt anything so stail in my life. The rogue took point and I had Sparks hover above him. We traveled for some time and passed a few skeletons. We came upon a set of doors which traveled inched from the ceiling. The doors took some strength but eventually one came off its hinges.

We ended up splitting up into groups and searched. We all arrived into a ritual room with icey pillars that surrounded a pit in the middle of the room and an alter at the rear. One of the pillars was shattered and had footprints leading to a room. I examined the shards. Cold, really cold and its glow was fading but feeling some connection to them, me and Astrid divided them between us. One of the other pillars was getting some attention too, so I made my was over to it. Placing my hand on it, I focused. I feel something, something growing inside, this cant be good.

Just as I yelled out what I feel, we heard Holog’s sentence get cut short and some of the group went to see why. Sparks and I step back and prepare. The ice shatters and before me is a hulking creature with triangular fists amd tenticles on its mouth. I look over and Astrid had manuvered near me to attack the other creature. I tapped her on the shoulder and pointed out our new guest.

We attacked. It didnt take long to find out that this creature to was psionic. Before I knew it, it had latched on to me and hurlded me across the room. I hit the grates that surrounded the pit with a thud. Disoriented, I fell in. “By all things holy”, I managed to grab ahold before plummeting to death. I managed to regain footing. By now all focus was on the big guy. Something is strange about him now. He seems to be struggling for air and with a few more blows he fell. Astrid hustled up to the body, placed a hand on it and the body went limp.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol. 24
Bailing water onto the ship?

The Captain assures passage for the new passengers and prepares to leave which will take some time so Schurr and I decide to question his new toy. We make way for the cell in the hold of the ship and secure puppy’s catch. I look at her with pity. This could be so easy but she refuses to tell us what we want to know, so naturally I begin the process of biulding the power in my mind as I have done so many times before. Soon our lady friends mind will be an unravelled mess, I use my powers and hang on to every key word I can, every qustion I ask is twisted around and the twiste again the time for her is altered every minute seems to be hours for her even days I have her believe she is exhausted and tired and then wear her down for information. In short her name is Ivy Duskblade and up untill now she was part of a assassin’s guild called the fall of stars hired to take one of us out, now she is dead woman walking. With Schurr being sympathetic he offers her a way out and asked for the local fighters giuld for his assistance in getting her out of sight for awhile. With this I take my leave to rest and relax after I tend to the children. The seas are not safe to the casual sailor and soon mast appear on the horizon and the ship is bustling with talk of pirates persuing the ship. Wrong move on the part of the pirates as this ship is not as helpless as it looks. The pirates get ready to dock and as soon as the planks drop on the decks. The pirates are not ready for the events that unfold before them, and soon realize that they are in fact not the aggressors, with the meer thought of my mind I send two of thier ranks overboard schurr and Holg are quick to disperse others and with amusement Kalob has a friend who indeed likes to get into the action and the new girl is quite a marvel with turning the tables a bit into ones favor with a nice cantrip she was able to freeze the enemies deck causing a slick hazard. with the top deck takin care of I make it down to the lower level with guiness, Zarrek, and the new girl. Within seconds the deck is a blaze the crew had been preparing to scuttle the ship as soon as the pirate captain said to abandon ship. With quick thinking I start to move items around the hold with my mind to try and smother the flames, and with the ice princess doing her neat trick again it takes even more effort so I kick it up a notch and increase my minds focus and gather buckets and use them to gather water from the sea and pour them over the flames, and not to be out done Guiness makes it rain within the hold over the fires. soon the deck fire is out and the ship is ours for the taking. again I find myself negotiating with the captain for his help bringing in the ship. With a little help I find out that there is a third hold we had not searched and soon the lot of us is down below decks and soon find the real pirate captain, after a confrontation that leaves one of our prisoners dead we find that the real captain’s need for revenge is sedated for the moment, I decide it may be time to aquire a new oppertunity with equal gain for our little party I ask the pirate captain for his name and offer him a job.

Stakard Longbottom, a sailor for as long as he has sucked in his first breath; and has come from the stock of a long line of sailors. I offered him a new opertunity, a job and a fresh start. With his knowledge of the seas and our ambition I can only hope we can be benifical to one anothers cause, For him a better life and for us a valuable resource and employee. Hope he can turn over a new leaf, If not the sight of Schurr over his bed with an axe bearing down upon ones head is an uncomfortable thought for anyone.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol. 23
Courier tested Captain approved

With the goods of my services and services aquired by Schurr, Guiness, and I we have used assets gained by my cunning thought and God like ability if I say so myself, to procure services that may prove to be fruitful to our future projects and prospects, soon my thoughts our disturbed by the captain who has requested the groups help in transporting his valuable cargo little does he know I have his secret safe with me as well. We meet at a warehouse that houses the cargo the trade happens with another man named Pennypinch. Alls good it seemed as holg was more than strong enough to carry the chest on his own and with as much ease as schurr. We take possitions and leave, part of me still wonders why Kalob had chosen to go the other way maybe he saw something we didn’t no time to worry about that though; we are going to busy with a few new arrivals and they are not in the mood to talk about the weather. With a request that seemed more like an order, I know that everything is going to get very intresting. With a slight signal Guiness prepares for the upcomming skermish, within moments we are surrounded. I feel the quickining of my pulse, and the energy of my mind biuld and as I have done many times I embrace the power and focus it masterfully into a mighty force, and send one knave flying through the air and colliding into another of his comrades and I feel the rush of joy as I have found another way to harness my power, these fools of lesser stock are not ready for the power that flows through my mind and body, and never will be. The overwhelming force of Schurr and Holg along with the support and abilities of the rest outclass these ruffians. We make for the ship but not before Schurr retrieves his prize and I get him out of a stick perdicament with the city guards. On the ship I find we have new visitors I know I am chosen for greatness for my children have finaly shown themselves, time negotiate with the captain for thier passage to sanctuary. Finale thought of the night is welcome home Children of Astrid prepare yourselves for the new world.

Holg's Journal XVII
Out what I’ve found, the only things of interest were a small hand full of poorly cut gems and a few gold pieces, these pirates weren’t much of prates, Kalob found some flags and outfits for Aldenport and the “King’s keep”, not much else of interest we found all together.

I make my way back onto the original ship and begin to move my gear onto our new boat, as I head back over, I see Astrid and Kalob talking with the captain, I over hear something about a third hull, we must’ve missed the stairs to go down in all the confusion of the fire, I put my stuff away in the crew quarters and make my way to the third hull, find nothing but crates and barrels of nothing interesting. I notice Kalob looking puzzled looking to the back of the ship, he walks to the back, and I follow. We find a caged area with a pile of rough tunic in it moving, Kalob begins poking and kicking at it, the pile of tunic turns out to be an old man shackled to the floor by his feet and his hands bound together. We must’ve scared the old man because he seems to have fainted, Kalob inspects the shackles and thinks about going to find a key, that’ll take too long, I make sure to hit the chain and not the ground or the old man’s foot, it easily breaks.

Kalob brings him up deck and places him in a small room with the other captive. I think it about time to ready my self for a long trip and get comfortable in my new room, well at least our new room as it’s just one big room with multiple hammocks. A few hours go by and I hear foot steps at an almost running pace and go up on deck, I see Kalob and Astrid make their way to the room in the front where the prisoners are. I think nothing of it and go back down under deck. Soon Astrid informs me that the old man we found wasn’t really old as we thought and turns out to be the former captain of the ship and will be helping us on our journey to Bluffside, as long as he stays away from me and does his part, I have no problem with that. Four more days past and we finally make it to Bluffside, it’s a rather unique city, it’s built into the cliff and has many buildings in the cave like city. Astrid and Kalob go to a local who fixes boats and ask about fixing the fire damage and the floorboards on the second deck. I head to the tavern and grab a good meal, while waiting for my food, I ask the bartender if there is anything going on in this town, something an “adventurer” would like to do. He says that they don’t run into much trouble the guards seem to keep it safe, considering they’re free of the “King’s” grip, He also tells me a bit of history of Bluffside. Bluffside was founded by five people, 4 adventurers like myself and 1 architect, they are known as the “5” they built into the cliff making it one of the more better places to protect, but also the trading town that it has come to be, due to the fact they don’t have much resources for themselves. I ask about the tower in the middle of the bay, he says it is a mystery, even to the local people, many have tried climbing to it, most have failed, but the few that have made say they found no windows or doors. Eventually I have my full of food and information, I head to the docks and learn that the repair to the ship shouldn’t be for another week, I suppose we have time to kill in Bluffside. I also learn that the original plan of bringing the crate here has changed and shall be instead moved to Sanctuary, which is good considering thats where we planned to go in the first place.
The Journey of Kalob Vol 10

We proceeded to search the ship. We found some odds and ends, not much for gold. I did find some flags and documents to support a “trader’s ship”, which for now will stay hidden. The group gathered to exchange loot and we decided to talk to the captain about our next course of action.

We came to a decision that we were going to sell the ship at the next port. While we were discussing this plan, the topic of the ships size came up and we realized that we only searched two of the three decks. So after taking a second look, we found a man shackled. He stirred around until he noticed someone was there and then passed out. Holg and I worked on breaking the chains, well he did (I don’t want to ruin my weapon). I carried him to the top deck and set him down.

We divided the crew between the ships and headed out. I left Sparks in the crew quarters that we moved the prisoners into and he informed me that the shackled one is awake and beating the pirate. I gestured to Astrid to come with me. By the time we made it into the room the pirate was just about dead, so I didn’t get involved. We talked to the man and found out he was the captain until he was bounded and beaten by his crew. He was given a choice to help us with “our” new ship and he resisted, so I decided to loose so excess baggage. Astrid stopped me and started to mind talk with him as I held him by his shackles.

The only thing I got out of the talk was the captain asking “What is your offer”. I am taking it he is becoming compliant. With some arrangement in place, I took the man (Starkard Longbottom) to get cleaned up and unshackled.

We made it to Bluffside with no trouble. We all went in different directions. Me, Astrid and Stark went to find someone to fix up the ship. A week is what it will take….. I guess I will go and upgrade my weapons and find a decent meal.

It is becoming apparent that the tower at the port entrance is something of a mystery to everyone in town and is starting to peak the interest of a few of us in the group. I also looked at the town board but did not find any requests that might be of our caliber and with night here, not much will be done until morning.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 5

So after we saved the ship we searched the ship to find and middle aged man who was at the receiving end of a severe beating. Apparently he was the captain until they had a mutiny.

So after Astrid and Kalob talked to him for while and came to some form of arrangement with him? We spent the next 5 days at sea heading for Bluffside, with no further delays.

Approaching the harbor I talked to the Captain to get some general info about this place. Upon docking I immediately head out to look for a new set of armor or weapons. I heard a ton of rumors and what not and soon turn my attention to a new course of info.

I soon fund what I was looking for and made my way back to the ship to make preparations to deal with it. Pelor help to see this thru as I will desperately need your guidence.

Through the eyes of Astrid Vol.22
Alden port hiest

A few days at sea and we finally arive at Alden port. It is not long before the group is reaerin to get thier own tasks done, I ponder a thought and with a wicked grin and an eagerness only found in a mischivous children, I go to enlist the help of Schurr. I heard no objections when I asked for the chest of copper and off we went. It takes only a few moments and Schurr, Guiness and I to find a small bank. Schurr and I enter the bank and I begin to weave my enfluance over the weak mortal minds and have them spinning my copper into gold so to speak. With the tellers under the influance of Astrid (cunning smile) I take my charming personality to the other gentleman of whom imediatly takes a liking to me I keep him busy while Schurr looks to the security of our well being. Not too long we have a writ for 100,000 gp and off to the real bank I err… Guiness goes. The blue house knows what Schurr and I look like so I intend to let my dwarvin counterpart do the rest of the transaction. When guiness goes into the blue house bank he negotiates a deal for the transaction of the writ for coin and soon realizes the city is short on funds so we quickly readjust the plan and get a new writ and 1800 platnum pieces with the deed done we are off for some more adventures.


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