The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal XXII

Well with BLuffside behind us, we make our way to Sanctuary, the captain says it’ll be roughly 5 days. A day in the travel and in the distance we could spot a ship with no flying flag, predicting the worst, me and Schurr load up the two ballistas, but as the ship got closer it showed no sign of aggression. It’s until the night fills with fog on the second night that we stop, while we are sitting still in the ocean the captain sends word that he wants to see us, once we meet up he tells us the usual; “stop making trouble”, and “we’re too much of a problem”. Astrid reminds him that we can handle our own problems and that he needs us to protect his merchandise.

After speaking with the captain, I notice a eerie glowing light in the distance, it appears that the others had spotted the light as well, we ask around the ship about the light, they tell us about a haunted tower with a corrupted mage inside sinking ships that come too close to the tower. Both interested and doing our job of protecting the shipment, we tell the captain that we’re gonna set out and check it out. We set out on the spare dingy the captain had, we arrive at the base of the tower and find multiple wrecked ships. Everyone gets ff the boat and I begin to search the wrecks, despite the damage to another boat on the rocks, it looked repairable, while looking around, 3 ghosts popped up out of the wreck. It wasn’t long for them to “die”. I continue looking through the other wrecks, I find nothing good but 100’ rope.

We finally make our way in the tower, and of course more spiral stairs, once we make it to room, we see a glyph in the middle of the room, almost as soon as Zarek stepped into the room, the glyph spit out fire all around the room, everyone makes through the room safely, although there were some close calls. As we kept climbing the stairs we enter another room, this time it holds a five headed monstrous creature, at first glance it seemed like it might be a good battle, but as I study it more, the monster seemed starved and weak. Again we continue up into another room, this time with a spiky statue with multiple black holes within it. I examine the statue a bit when several shadow like spheres came out of the stone, Kacee jabs her staff into one of the holes, and pearls came out, soon enough everyone is attacking the statue, I hear Astrid yell out for us to get out of the room, but I didn’t listen, one moment later, a loud echoing sound went around the room and destroyed the statue, and Kacee whom was previously hurt from the hydra, I collect up the pearls and Guinness heals us as much as he could, I still wasn’t feeling 100%.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 15
Shining light in the mist

So I am woken up with everyone else on the middle of the night. We are told that we are leaving port “early”. I shrug my shoulders and go back to bed.

In the morning, I sit on the deck and try to figure out how to activate this gem, other went over to talk to the captain. After spending some time meditating, I can not seem to figure this thing out. I guess I will have to wait for Astrid to come back and see if she can help.

I ask her and she says yes. She puts her hand on the scar and tells me that we have to perform a ritual to get it to work. Hmmmm, now what.

Time goes by. We pass a ship who seem very determined to stay away from us. I am glad. I am not in the mood for a fight with pirates.

On the next day, a weird fog appears in front of us. High in the air there is a light and the sailors tell us it is a haunted lighthouse. They also said something about a wizard. Now that is a fight I can get into.

After rowing over to the light, I find myself faces with three creatures that were in some wreckage that Holag was looking in. We all took our shots at the three. I did find out that the rune on my new sword make it glow blue, but I still don’t know if it is fire or ice. We quickly dispatched two of them, while the other ran and hovered over the water at a distance. I tried to mind blast it and missed. It finally came back to shore but did not live to long.

We headed into the tower and climbing the stairs until we came to a room. On the floor in the middle of the room was a glyph. I went around the edge of the room but Kacee went to the middle. If it wasn’t for my power to evade, I would have taken damage from the fireball that came out of the glyph like she did.

Moving onward up the stairs we came to another room. This one had a sickly five head monster. It too did not last long against the group. Although, it did get some of it’s own hits in, it was no match in it’s starved condition.

The next room did not offer up anything of interest.

To me, the statue in the middle of the next room did not look promising with it’s spikes. I was not going to take a chance on this one, so I proceeded to the other door. I can not say the same for Kacee and Holag. I turn around to see Holag touch the statue. Then I see dark blobs appearing on the ground. Kacee shoves her spear into a crack in the statue and one of the blobs vanishes. We all start smashing the statue. When all the blobs were gone, three orbs appear. Astrid yells out “I would step away from it and leave the room”. I step into the stairway when she lets of a sonic blast that destroys the statue…… and horribly damages everyone else.

When the smoke cleared and I can look around. I noticed that Kacee was not moving. I guess her injuries were to much for the blast. I must say that after that I am not doing as good as I would like.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 14
What does this do?

So we finished up in the room and went back the vault. We attracked some, I mean, a lot of attention as we walker through the town. It doesn’t help that puppy is dragging dead bodies on a make-shift sled we made.

We went inside. Astrid and I decided to flay open the big guy to get more understanding of what these things are. In the chest, by the heart, we find a blue opal. I reached down and plucked it out and as I did, the body shrunk. OH, this could be useful.

I followed Kacee out and asked her if she could lend a healing spell or two, since I want to implant this gem in my chest. She agrees but says she needs to go to the church first and the we can find a surgeon.

We find one that was willing to help. His price was more gold than I was expecting but oh well. I sit in his chair. He gives me a drink to put me under.

All of a sudden, I feel a hand slam across my face. I look up and Kacee and standing near me. It must be over because my chest is killing me. After making it back to the ship, I get a little healing from Kacee and fall asleep.

Holg's Journal XXI

After the slaying of the large squid, we gather anything of interest, and the Gnoll drags the dead squid back up onto the ground, and we proceed to leave the mines with both the squid and the four fallen members of the Hammer. Of Course with such a large odd looking corpse and four other bodies, we attract some attention, we were stopped by the Bluffside 100, but once Astrid and Schurr spoke of the vault keeper, they gave us a form of escort to the vault.

The others instantly head to Jarrid, asking multiple questions and knowledge of the “ancient gods”, I’m only here for thirteen reasons, thirteen small, possibly shiny reasons. I look around the whole vault, at least as far as I can see, getting aggravated, I ask him if he has any gems that he may have found down in the mines, but he says he is unaware of any gems, rather useless human. Well, one last thing I can do is go to the local smith and see if he can tell me what the kind of ores I’ve got. He doesn’t tell me much of the multicolored ore I found a while back, but he does seem very interested in the new ore I recently dug up in the mines, he tells me it is a metal called adamantium, a very rare and strong metal, of course I am very interested in anything that could improve my prowess in battle. I head back to the mines and go mine some more, unfortunately the dwarf came along, “as a precautionary, and someone who can help”, bah I don’t need no damn help, especially from a dwarf.

A few hours pass, and I am able to get two more ores, hopefully enough to at least make something useful. Well, after hard days of work, every man likes to stop by the tavern and get his full of beer. Out of curiosity, I check the posts and notice a bounty for Astrid, Guinness, and Schurr, for questioning back in Aldenport, 10,000 gold pieces!, interesting. And just for my luck, I got the dwarf, could be a very fascinating deal, I head up to the bar keep and ask him about the bounty, I let slip that the dwarf in the corner might be the dwarf on the post.

My mistake, should’ve known humans couldn’t be trusted. The barkeep nods to both sides of him towards the other end of the bar, I notice he is nodding towards a few people and motions them to Guinness, it doesn’t take long for me to see whats happening. In my defense, I warned them what could happen if they messed with me, Guinness seemed well aware of the situation, going up against the wall and raises his shield in defense, then sharp, jagged rocks come through the ground. Being a little pissed off at the barkeep, I grab him from his shirt and toss him over to my side of the bar, him hitting his head on the rocks and getting cut up. I continue to warn off the other attackers, some of them cowering and running for the exit, stepping on the rocks on their way out, the others still wielding random items, ready to throw them. I kill maybe two or three more people, that includes the barkeep who made it back over the bar, but I manage to slash him. Seeing how we’re probably not gonna be able to get away with this, me and Guinness walk our way out casually ignoring any crowds of people who see the multiple spikes jutting out of the ground around the tavern.

Close to five hundred feet away, I hear a rumble and crumbling, I take a quick look back towards the tavern and just see as it crumbles. Well, time to think about leaving Bluffside, don’t think the captain will be too happy, we haven’t been able to stay in one town for a little while.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 9

I drag the body of the dwarf back up and after a quick breather we make our way out of here. We head back to the vault and tell him what happened then he tell me about the sword at least what he knows which is to say little.

I make my way to the local temple still having the decaying thoughts about all of this though this sword intrigues me and somewaht allieviates my thoughts of doubt. I suddenly think back to these squid-like things almost like they where trying to remake them into their own kind, sort of like reward them for their deeds.

What love these beings must have for those they find worthy. I casted a small simple spell on the agent that I believe to be their infant gods to keep the body from decaying. I want to see if these gods are benevolent or not by myself. Kalob asks me for a favor of healing and reply to him that it would have to wait until after I go to the temple.

None being able to help in my first request tell me that a Paladin may be able to help with the sword and so then upon thanking them we make for a surgeon for Kalob. When we get there he tells them what he wants done. He gives kalob a drink to put him out then offers me a drink and I take it. The drink leaves me feeling somewhat dazed but I have had worse before.

As me and the surgeon turn back to Kalob in this light it appears as though he suddenly has two extra heads floating on either side to his real one. The surgeon is in shock and demands more money which I rumage through kalobs things and give it to him. After healing Kalob up enough so he could make the trek back to ship the surgeon says he should be awake in a bit but me being tired instantly smack him hard across Kalobs’ face waking him up then helping him back to the ship.

I told him what I saw but siad its must have been the drink knowing full well it was not I had my own thoughts to deal with and did not want to pry into his personal buisness. Afte he passes out I stare at the sword and then decide its time that I leave for Sanctuary where I am sure to find clues to the sword and maybe a powerful cleric to help me make this descision about these “Ancient Gods.”

I head over to the boat we were on originally on and tell the captain we must depart as soon as possible. When he asks about the others I decided that my quest takes priority and they have another ship so I lied to him. Told him they where going to stay a while then catch up with their ship. He says it will take a while so I say the sooner the better. A little while later both ships are preped to depart oh well at least they are ready as well.

Fragments of The Puzzle Ep. 8

Well after some rest we begin out descent back through the tower and needless to say I am not without my doubts. While Pelor teaches us that evil must be dealt with quickly he is evermoore without an actual presence other than our faith. Whilst these “Ancient Gods” are here truly in presence.

I am not yet convinced that these being are that of good but yet the powers they have undeniable. They as far as I can tell forsaked their place in the heavens to be here and teach us themselves. Even if they are evil that shows me that they are not entirely bad.

As these thoughts plague my mind we came to the door and once again Astrid onpens the way for us. We make the long trek down the cliff after waiting an hour for the new dingy to arrive. Once we get back to shore and I again make my way to the Vault. Closed, damn it! After talking with a gaurd I decide to head back to the ship.

The thought yet again as I clench the big head. So this is what a god could look like? Makes me wonder if Pelors’ hair could be a bright sunlight flame? Why am I having these thoughts? I quickly upon arrival make myself ready for the nights activities. After A while I get to it.

The next day I awake a little later than the others but quickly gather my stuff and make way to the vault. Upon arrival (along the way meeting up with the others) we talk directly to Jarrid and tell we need to discuss some things in private.

After him finding out that we had managed to get into the Tower that no one else ever had been able to some show the relic they have found and I show him the tentacles. He was Shocked. Then I show him the head, dear friggin Pelor the man feinted! And awaking him rather abruptley he is now afraid because he sent four men into a tunnel that he believes is the throne room.

Great here we go again into a tunnel to save them. After somewhat splitting up me and Schurr come across a small group of goblins and Schurr does as normally would and quickly slaughters them. A little further ahead we all come into a throne room and my eyes are instant drawn to this greatsword sheathed in a pedastle all in its glory. When I pull it out it instant rusts! I try to put it back but nothing! A roar from above and thats when I notice it. . . another of those “Ancient Gods” held fast by moss and plants from the dommed ceiling.

Afew minutes later the four we were searching for emerge with all I can decribe as is a small squid like thing attached to their heads and working together we dispatch them all to late to save them. I ask Guiness to help me to retrieve one of the bodies deep in the water and he agrees. Now I dive in grabbing the best looking specimen in the murky water.

Holg's Journal XX

We make it through the night without any troubles, only thing we will have to face today is the mindless body of Kalob, and of course to get down this tower. Seeing how I was the one that carried the crate that we’ve been protecting, I thought I may as well be the one who carries Kalob back to the docks, after that he is someone else problem, So I pick up the 6’11" frame of Kalob and we get moving down the tower. As we reach the bottom of the tower and make our way out, we look down the cliff side and realize our rowboat had gone missing, we realize that non of us had tied the boat off and that the waves must’ve taken it out to sea. As we think over what to do, Zarek shines his mirror around to symbol people on the docks, and by the looks of the sun, it is getting late. I sit down and rest Kalob up against the tower while the others can think about how to get down and get a boat.

A hour passes and on it’s way towards the spire is a small rowboat, as it reaches the bottom of the cliff, the group begins to climb down, while I look into Kalob’s bag for rope, once I find one I tie Kalob to my back and begin to make my way down. Unfortunately, because of the dead weight, I find climbing down a bit rougher, at one point getting slammed against the rock, I wasn’t the only one hurt, Kalob came out with a cut across his scalp. The man on the rowboat ask if he gonna be alright, meaning Kalob, I was about to say something but Astrid jumped in and said Guinness will handle it.

We make it back to the docks, and I bring Kalob to our ship and put him in a room, and Astrid and Guinness can take it from there, I’m gonna go check on everything, see if anything has been stolen or at least missing. Our ship was fine, but what about the package on the captain’s ship? Well I go over and check and realize that not only is it still there and in the same condition, but also it seems that someone put a glyph on it, odd I don’t remember. Anyway, everything seems to be good, so I head back to our ship and head to bed.

Come morning, everyone seems to have one thing in mind, finding the vault and see what he knows, I’m not too eager on going in the vault so I stick outside while the others were inside both getting information and some stuff to be appraised. When they come back out they say the vault keeper had sent a group to the supposed throne room earlier but has not heard from them, and wants us to head down there. I had a slight idea we’d be going into the mines sooner or later while we are here.

We find the mine and we are instantly stopped due to a 15’ gap between us and the other side, but it wasn’t as nearly as bad as I thought mostly everyone just run and jumped the gap quite easily. We come to a four way, and everyone starts to head their own way and search the caverns, it’s not long from then that I hear a female scream in the caves, it was Kacee warning us about some goblins in the their path, but she was with Schurr so I don’t think they’ll last too long. I round a corner from where I heard the scream originate, and at the end of the path was some sort of glowing rock. Being interested in the possibilities of possibly making something, I begin to chip at the rock with my Orc Double-Ax, forgive me Gruumsh, and manage to git a good sized chunk out, unfortunately the axe got chipped a bit, but nothing I can’t handle.

We continue through the mines, and at the end of the path was a dead body with a bad gash in it’s head, and not far behind it, a door. I search the body, find a couple of coins and a mining kit, wish I found this earlier, wouldn’t have had to damage my ax. We enter the room, it looks like vault keeper was right,cause here is the throne room. At the end of the room was a small camp out, I rummage through anything good there, not too much of interest, I look over the throne itself, it shows more carvings of the squid like things. More importantly,all around the throne were empty little “dents” in potentially for gems for decoration. Further back is a hole in the wall, leading into a room with the only light source of a glowing sword, Kacee goes up and grabs it and pulls it out, it instantly goes dark. The only the other things in the room of any interest was a pool of water in the back of the room and three tables.

Next thing I know is a loud piercing screech from above the pool, up above I see red glowing eyes staring down at us. Then, the Gnoll goes crazy and heads up and attacks Astrid, seeing Schurr as a threat to the rest of the group he is the focus of my attack. I run up and begin to hit the Gnoll in the back, not long after I hit Schurr he snaps out of the trance that he was in, the squid-like giant must’ve taken control of Schurr. Out of the pool comes four humanoids, three humans and one dwarf, this was the group that the vault keeper had sent in before us. They had squid . . . things on their heads, the squids seem to have taken control of them as well. The Hammer members were wielding their weapons and were coming to attack us, I manage to drop two of the squids on their heads, the bodies collapsed along with them. After dealing with the cohorts of the squid, the big squid had fallen from it’s perch above the pool and had fallen in, beginning to slowly sink into the water, just after giving a few last attacks, as a lightning bolt from Astrid fires into the pool hitting and killing the beast.

Yet before all was said and done, the squid had one last thing to say, “You may have slain me, but my brothers will continue on” or at least something like that, I’m still not used to other people/creatures’ voices inside my head.

The Journey of Kalob Vol 13
Goblins, goblins everywhere and some squids

The next thing I remember is being on the ship with Astrid standing over me. Why in Fharlonahn could I not get that thing to work. It would seem that nothing else of interested happened in the tower.

I am hungry. Guinness, Astrid and I make our way to find a meal, it has been over a day since my last good meal.

With a new day, brings errands. I have stuff that needs looking at, as well does others in the group. So we make off for the magic shop. The shopkeeper is really interested in the armor I have but he doesn’t know much about it. Wait, maybe the guy at the vault can tell me about it.

We manage to find Farrid Black-something-something in the vault. I showed him the armor, he is happy. We all put our items on the counter, he is really happy but not telling us much. If I can get Kacee to stop scaring him with the story of how we got it, he my stay conscience. For being an “expert” on this type of stuff, he really get overwhelmed easy. We manage to get him back on his feet to continues talking. He did manage to tell us that he believes that the creatures we face in the tower were gods, I gotta say they weren’t that god like. After awhile he tells us that he sent some people into a cave looking for more items but has not heard from them. He begs us to go find them.

We arrive at the cave and find tracks leading inside. After jumping a gap in the pathway, we have come to an intersection. Me and Sparks go to the left and have come to another intersection. Sparks continues forward and I go right but we find nothing.

Just then, I hear someone yet but it is so faint I can not make out what was said. I make my way back to everyone and it appears there was some goblins in here. As people search the bodies, I continued down the hall and come to a throne room. Kacee and I follow footsteps on the floor to a room behind the throne. Someone has knocked a hole in the wall and it opens up to a large room with a nice glowing sword stuck in the floor and a pool of water on the other side.

Kacee grabs the sword and pulls. The sword come free and the glow disappears. Kacee casts a light spell on something and throws it into the pool. All of a sudden, I find that we are fighting a creature hanging from the ceiling.

He is big, just like the one in the tower. I tried to to blast it with my mind and missed. Astrid begins to concentrate on it, that is good. WHAT!, four creatures just crawled out of the pool with squid-like things on their heads. They are weak so it doesn’t take long for us to dispatch the minions. SPLASH! the big guy jumps into the pool. Now that he is down on our level it is not long before he dies.

Wait are we going to get paid for this!!

Holg's Journal XIX

After the beasts had fallen, We begin to look around the entire room, I personally find nothing, but I could see the others had found some luck, I head back over to the statue, still not too interesting. Soon I check the very back room, finding nothing of interest, but Kacee comes in and checks the back wall, she knocks at it and seems to have a look on her face of curiosity, she yells out for Guinness. I begin to charge and ram my shoulder into the wall, to my surprise it actually backed up a bit and a cloud of dust surrounds the opening. I hear Kacee yell out and say “Never mind, Holg got it”, eventually Schurr comes in and we push it the rest of the way, and it leads into another spiraling staircase, great more stairs.

Schurr takes the lead, me following him, he stops abruptly, and begins to whimper and backs up. I soon hear him growl and see his axe hit the wall and land a little father up, then comes the mind-warriors, they inspect the wall and nothing happens, then the gnoll throws his other axe and hit the same spot. I swear I could hear something shatter but I ignore it, I just want to get to the top. A little ways further up, we see mist covering the walkway up, the dog, with his bone, throws it into the mist, and we hear it hit the ground. Kalob must’ve been cautious cause he sends his little air thing, and the mist soon is blown upwards. There on the ground laid a half melted bone, and we also find glyphs from witch the mist comes from, we figure it would be better to just get rid of the mist entirely. I sit down on the stairs, knowing that I would not be of help. Minutes pass and soon I see everyone heading up, I get up and follow, but something catches my eye in the wall, there are four tentacle things inside the wall, they must’ve figured it out as a switch. Moving further up, we come across a nice warm bedroom, the only thing that makes me uncertain about this place are the skeletons on the beds, as tired as I am, I feel that this room would not be safe enough to sleep in. We carry on, although Schurr and Kalob seem to want to stay, too bad we gotta keep moving.

Eventually we find a room with 1 big crystal i the middle and 6 smaller crystals, there also seems to be rings keeping some gems together in a group. On the walls were scribbles of mysterious places, one being the docks of Bluffside and the tower, there also seems to be gears that all start from a series of levers. Curious, I grab and pull one of the smaller levers and hear grinding as the gears rotate one of the crystals towards the big one, soon Kalob is near me saying not to mess with the levers and he pulls the lever back. Kalob returns to the big crystal and continues to examine, I again start pulling the many levers and he comes back, by the time he comes over there is only 3 more to pull, Kaccee had come over and started pulling levers, she was about to pull the big one when Kalob reached out and grabbed her hand from the lever. Kalob seemed to have a change in mind as he let her hand go and let us pull the levers, finally the big lever could be pulled, a long time since pulled and the roof to the tower is fully open, it seems to be early morning. Lights begin to shine from the 6 gems and towards the big one, and the pictures on the walls begin to glow. Curious I touch the one that showed a room with a throne, but nothing happened.

Slightly aggravated with the whole tower, I sit back and watch as Kalob and Astrid begin touching each and every picture. I must’ve dosed off as the thing I see is Kalob reaching out to touch the big crystal, and then fired back towards the wall, and its there seemingly mindless and dumb. Astounded by what just happened, and the long trek up here, we all decide to rest up here, before I fall to asleep, I see Guinness put some sort of glyph on the door, quite smart, Astrid must’ve though of it, Dwafs are too stupid to think like that.

Holg's Journal XVIII

Waking up the next morning, it was clear that our goal was clear, climb to the tower. Zarek has gone off to gather more information, and Kalob had sent his air companion up to the tower, checking it’s exterior, Me and Schurr go out and gather climbing gear for everyone. Once we get back, Zarek tells us what he has learned, which ends up not being much, apparently the only people that have successfully made it to the base of the tower don’t attempt to get in, they just jump off, idiots, I’d like to see the day one of them hits the rock and falls to their death. We grab the row boat off our newly acclaimed ship and make our way to the spire. The gnoll goes first, every once in a while jamming a piton in the side of the rock, at the same time, Kalob’s little “friend” picks up Kalob and brings him up to the base. Next to go is the new girl, Kacee, she it makes it a good 600’ before she seems to lose her grip, and falls 200’. Surprisingly she soon is at it again and makes it the rest of the way. Astrid was next, but she seemed to hook up with Guinness and they start making their way up, Seeing that me and Zarek were the only two remaining, we follow in their footsteps and start climbing, I was pretty sure I was doing the heavy lifting though. Soon enough we were all at the base of the tower. At the time it was getting late into the afternoon and we were tired, well except Kalob who took the easy way out. We start to set up for the night, when a few minutes later I could feel a vibration from the ground and hear the grinding of stone, Kalob comes back around saying Astrid had found something.

Coming around the tower, I see Astrid and Kalob standing in front of a doorway into tower, everyone seems to enter with an sense of alertness. As we enter, the pathway leads to a set of spiraling staircase, and we begin climbing up the stairs. We come across a landing with a skeleton on the ground, it’s skull crushed from behind and the side, the gnoll then picks up a femur, I ready my sword so as not to be surprised when something comes out. A little further up the stairs we find doubled doors made of some sort metal, Zarek attempts to open the heavy doors, but fails. Up comes Schurr and he gives one of the doors a heave, it doesn’t move, I come up and we attempt together, he manages to get the his side open a little, so I come over and help push the door open while he pulls. We manage to get the door open, and we come to a small room with doors on either side and on the other end, the door on the right had been ripped off it’s hinges, I head through that way while the others check the others, I find walls broken down. Eventually I reach the end of the room, and I find a giant room with blood stains draining down into a pit in the middle of the room, I follow the stains and it leads to some sort of statue, it has tentacles on it’s face, ugly looking thing.

I go into a room in the far back corner and in the room was a creature that resembled the statue quite well. Next thing I know, my head was ringing, and the creature had disappeared, I shout out to the others and tell them I had found something. I head to where it last was and I could hear something shuffling near me, I swing blindly and hit noting. I see the door to the room open with schurr on the other side and he swings at the air, must’ve felt it go by you, cause behind him I catch a glimpse of the squid-like thing and it was looking to escape. I see a spear from behind one of the ruined walls reach out and jab at the creature, then I see it’s tentacles reach out and grab hold of Kacee around the neck. Schurr throws one of his axes at the thing but misses, then I hear Kalob yell out and say that he feels something else coming from one of the crystals. I soon then see the squid fall back against the wall, on the floor leaning against the wall, the now axe-less Schurr goes up and caves in it’s skull with a devastating punch. Now lets see what Kalob is yelling about.

With the squid thing gone, I move out to find out what Kalob is shouting about. As I make my way to the crystals, I could see and hear something big, it was facing towards the statue, so I head towards the back of the room so as to catch the large creature off guard. As I get around the corner, I see the large squid-like brute reach down and grab Kalob and throw him towards the pit in the middle of the room, fortunately for Kalob he was able to reach out and grab the edge of the pit. We all begin attacking at the thing and yet it seems to have an interest towards Astrid. After many swings and hits at the monster it falls down dead.


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