Secretive and quiet, don't let this one near your backside or your valuables.


Zarek is a Tiefling Rogue with ashen skin and crimson eyes. He favors a rapier and a spring loaded dagger on his opposing wrist. A hooded travelers cloak keeps everything well hidden including his budding demonic horns. Little is known about Zarek, and he prefers it that way.


You wish to know my history? Very well stranger, take a seat, have a drink, and I will tell you of my origins.
I am a child of a demonic cult ritual. My mother was chosen as the young and beautiful virgin needed to complete the ritual. After my birth my mother had a change of heart. She whisked me away and fled from the cult, knowing my birth would help further their cause, whatever they may have been. She settled in a cottage outside of a small village hoping to live our lives forever hiding from the cult who was no doubt hunting for us. She kept me hidden from the world. I was forbidden from ever leaving the fenced-in acre of the cottage. My mother was all I knew, why question her? I never knew I was different from any other child my age. Until one day when I was 16 I ran away from home, like most children, entering the village I was forbidden to visit. Needless to say the arrival of a half demon did not bode well.
In a blind panic I ran to the only place I knew, home. The village Paladin accompanied by an angry mob descended on our small cottage. Things happened too fast. The only thing I can remember is hearing my mother screaming, as the flames took her, to run far and fast never let them catch me.
Living in seclusion all my life surviving on my own was not a real challenge. My purpose in life now focused on revenge on the village that killed my mother and finding out my true destiny from the cult and Demon who birthed me. Naturally seeking these answers to these questions led me to the church of Vecna. In order to earn my Lord’s favor and earn the answers to my questions, I must supply my God with more secrets.
I find mercenary work to fill this role perfectly. I found work with a well known, lets say philanthropist, known as Max. He hooked me up with a motley crew. I have no problems working with a group as long as they don’t ask questions about my past and I keep my true identity a secret. Not to mention having to not worry about cannon fodder with two barbs in the group leaves me free to keep to my secret agenda.
I’ve learned that my Lord does not give away secrets very readily and neither shall I. And judging by the look on your face the poison is starting to take effect. I hope you enjoyed learning of my past but my secrets must die with you.


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