Vicfire Pegason


I am a 5’3" Half-Elf from just south of Crossroads with green hair and brown eyes.


Growing up, we had a good life until my dad died then we were poor. I would spend hours dreaming of ways to make money: adventuring, hunting, or anything. My dad died in the family business while working with Gramps in Aldenport, they were bounty hunters, we are bounty hunters. Without my father, we struggled because Gramps was getting to old to continue alone and at the time I was to young.

Now that I am old enough, I need to make money for my family, as I am the last male left. The men in my family were fighters doing our job but I want to be much more. My father’s death came because he wasn’t prepared and I will not make that same mistake. Fighters are good but have to rely on outside sources to survive. I want to find a way to blend a fighter’s heart, my woodsy nature and an arcane mind.

I have heard of a lot of activity in Sanctuary, so I think I will make my way there to see for myself

Vicfire Pegason

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