Albino Elf Sorcerer


They knew I was different from the moment I was born. Being an albino I am much paler than my kinfolk. The next surprise came while learning magic. Almost all elves are taught in the arcane arts through rigorous training and practice. Reading from the wizards book of spells kept giving me major headaches and the spells wouldn’t form fully. My mentor blamed my bloodline claiming that I was a freak. In a rage I fled. Casting magic was a dream of mine. If I couldn’t cast magic I didn’t want to live.
I ran and ran until I was so exhausted I passed out. And I dreamed. I dreamed of a great white dragon. His scales opaque as pearls and his eyes a dull but fiery red. A cold shiver ran down my spine as I awoke. I heard a twig snap and quickly looked for the source. Catching a quick glance of three sets of reptilian limbs I threw my hands up in front of my eyes knowing that the basilisk was about to turn me to stone. I hear a strange voice speaking in a language I never heard before and realized it was coming from me. As the last syllable passed my lips another cold rush flew up my spine and along my arms. I feel the basilisk slow and then stop altogether. I hear a strange crackling sound and risk a peek through my fingers in the direction of the basilisk hoping not to see its eyes and turn to stone. But to my amazement its the basilisk that is literally frozen in ice.
“I haven’t heard that language in ages” comes a voice. A druid seems to materialize from the foliage. He tells me that the language I just spoke was that of dragons. He goes on to tell me that particularly powerful mages called sorcerers often use the language of dragons and believe that they have the blood of dragons.
With a renewed purpose in life I now seek to further my new found skill and find out why the white dragon is in all of my dreams.


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