Dorw Female Cleric of Eilistraee


I am 142 years old and was once a cleric of Lolth. I have changed, becoming devoted to my goddess the daughter of Corellon, Eilistraee.


I was a female drow of Menzoberran and of a house that no longer exists. While attending my priestess training in Arach- Tinilith my house was slaughtered and those while out on a training exercise in a patrol group I was assigned to.

He made an obvious attempt on my life in the midst of a fight with a hook horror made a poor choice in timing hoping to catch me unaware as the hook horror attacked me from the opposite side. The hook horror caught the would be assassin as I dodged the attack by tumbling under his wide swing.

The assassin immediately regretted his foolish actions as it costed him his life. Upon returning to the city I had heard the whispers of what had happened and quickly made myself scarce. I used a scroll to hide myself long enough to escape the city knowing that I of a minor house accusing the 3rd house of menzoberran to be quite ridiculous. Not to mention quite insane.

I was never as cruel in any sense be called soft to the point of downright heresy. I made my way for weeks until coming to a small community of drow elves whom I observed for a few days before making my presence known to them.

They were heretics the lot of them, believing in Eilistraee daughter of Lolth. Outside of our beliefs they permitted me to stay with them but under the condition that I not disrupt their prayer time or anything to do with it.

A couple weeks went by and I learned alot just by seeing how they acted. They began after I made a few inquiries under the guise of saying that I wanted to find out where they had gone wrong and after another week I was not so certain they were wrong.

I spent the next five years relearning everything I had be taught absorbing everything I could I had become a cleric of Eilistraee. I was given new gear to replace what I had lost over time and found it to be quite useful.

After remaining here for seven years I decided to take part in the final ritual called the hunt. It involved me traveling to the surface and hunting down the most dangerous beast I could find and bring back a piece of it to the community.

I made my way up to the surface and felt a sudden power wash over me and I lost consciousness, for what seemed like an eternity of pain and torture and complete understanding of what was happening I remained a captive of a patrol of evil drow.


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