Max Capricorn

balding salesman and businessman, quick with words


Max is a human male, about 35 years old, balding dark hair, a paunch around the middle, blue eyes. He always has rings on every finger and expensive clothes on, usually a richly embroidered shirt and trousers, tall leather boots turned down at the cuff. He uses a Goat with Golden Horns as his personal symbol and seal. A necklace resembling that is always about his neck.


Max is currently running a bounty hunter business in Miirym. Sanctioned by Aluric, Lord of the City, Max’s business helps support Miirym’s lack of troops to deal with monsters coming out of the mountains and the woods. Max takes the bounty put up by the town or person who wants something killed and pays a cut to a person or a group to go take care of the problem. Max is ambitious and wants to increase his operations to caravan guards and beyond. Profit seems to be his biggest motivation and he has been known to be stingy with his employees. He recently bought out a warehouse outside of the city walls to use as his base of operations. Called only “Max’s” he has outfitted this warehouse with rudimentary baracks, a slop kitchen, a couple rooms for “training”, some offices and storage for personal gear ( for a fee of course ).

Little is known about Max. He arrived on the scene 2 years ago and convinced Aluric to let him set up shop and collect bounties. No one knows where he came from, but more than a few are happy someone is here to deal with the monsters killing their families.

Max Capricorn

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