Krock Blackscale

Lizardfolk Fighter/Barbarian


A well built frame, (6’5", 260Ib) Lizardfolk. Has black scales on back and pale tan stomach, and white eyes. Tends to be a solitary hunter both in water and woods.


Being a reptile creature, I was never really allowed in the big towns so I stuck to the outskirts of Lakeside, known as the Black Marshes. I was once part of a colony of other Lizardfolks, helping around with the hunting and fishing, but after a few run ins with bands of Orcs, the colony was wiped out, even the chief and his finest warriors couldn’t stand up to the great numbers of Orcs. I was lucky enough to be out hunting when it all started, when I came back, most of the orcs were gone, except some stragglers rummaging through our camp, I lost control and went on a rampage, killing all that remained behind. With the pillagers dead, and the entire settlement gone, I have no where to live to take as a refuge from humans that don’t want reptiles in their cities and also the Orcs who seem to pillage any settlement near their hills. So now I roam the forests looking for work to get by or just anywhere to settle down.

Krock Blackscale

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