Traditionalist of the psiblade


The youngest of her family, and family is what she values most in life. she is energetic but very protective of her Brother. unlike her brother she has no patience for many things and is more apt to act upon a situation rather than talk things through, but if determined and given a purpose god help anyone in the way. She has a small frame and is always cloaked as to not draw any attention to the wears of her trade. but do not mistake her for weak and fragile those who have often regret it later.


“I’m a legend in my spare time, My deeds well documented by the secret order of the water buffalo, I am the boogie man under the be”……(Interrupted by the ringing sensation in my ears and the throbbing pain of my jaw) “Wow your mom teach you how to punch, you si”…….(lights out everything goes black) Okay I know this looks bad and there is so much to do yet in my life. I assure you this is all going as planned. I know my brother would say “talk things out with a diplomatic air” well about that, diplomacy went out the door the moment I took this job. fools think they got me where they want me (chuckles softly) well self since you have time enlighten the group as too how you arrived in your predicament.

I was the last born in my family and as such I felt left out. The rest of my older siblings got the attention I wanted. When your the youngest in the family and your father is the Chief, you are always starving for attention and approval, even if that means putting holes in his clothes with your mind blade, and various activities that would get you into hot water with the head of household. Come to think of it all the times I was in trouble, my brother has always been there to bail me out.

As I approached the age of womanhood I became “difficult” as father put it. I would not go to the diners and the special gatherings of the clans, I refuse to be a bartering chip for the sake of hunting grounds, and peace between lesser clans, if they are inferior to the rest than natural selection is the way of life for them, I will not marry for the sake of the clan.
With that said and done I found my own path… Soulknife

The summer of my sixteenth birth I left the clan under the law of rites ritual. which didn’t go well with father but he had no time to argue he had another child to worry about. I went to V’landersal which is the biggest port town, big enough to be seen from the mountain passes we travel through. It took a few days but once there I encountered Havero The Mad and his gang at the local tavern, and after a violent bar fight and a severe wound I found my teacher and mentor Glideon Red Blade.

With months of practice and devotion, I surprised even my master with the speed and ease of my training for one so young. Soon I would needed to return to the clan before they set off for the next season. So in order to graduate I needed to show my skill in my selected trade… (Ouch.. couch… spit out blood and open eyes)

“The boss is here to see little ol me awe”… (KRACK) damn this is pissing me off show your face already.
“Why has he sent you” says my captor charlie
(punch to the stomach)
“Touch me again and I’m going to kill you where you stand”
“enough Charlie she will talk soon enough, after all everyone talks to The Crimson Fist”
“So your Raphael I thought you’d be " my retort is interrupted by Raphael the leader of the thieves guild.
“who do you work for, Count Graysun” says Raphael
“Its rude to interrupt murderer” I reply with the same calm as my former master.
a right cross to the face sends the chair I sit in to the floor and its enough time to do what I came for I almost feel bad for Charlie, as I slowly pull the blade from his throat and turn my attention to my real target. Raphael is trying to figure out why he cant move, funny thing about mind blades they work at a speed faster than reflex, and when I am ready to kill you its but a thought. The mind blade dissipates and Raphaels severed head falls off the wall and onto the floor where his body already lay.

My master avenged and the deed I was sent to do to graduate done.
I will miss him.
.. (what do you mean you can bring him back?)
…(Find you where…how?…Who are you?)


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