I am a 21yr old Psychic Warrior. With my 6’11" frame I always look down on the common folk and most adventurers, in more that one way. I am very good with the Scimatar. I don’t care how cunning you are, if you dodge my attack I will just drop you with my other Scimatar, yes I have two. If you feel the need to test yourself against me, try. I am always looking for witnesses to my skills.


If you would like to hear my story, I will tell you but you may not comprehend all of it.

Where was I born….. well let me just say it is not of the plane and I don’t care to tell that part. My parents traveled to this plane when I was young to remove me from the horrors that was life and the things that they believed would corrupt my potential. My youth was as normal as it could be being a foreigner in a new world and searching for those few just like us.

It involved lots of travel, LOTS of travel.

I will say that to watch the people of this world go through life concerned with thing like loneliness and social acceptance was amusing to say the least. I never had to worry about making friends since our very nature will not allow such emotional burdens. Now don’t get me wrong, I played nice and joined social gatherings and such but never really found a person that could understand.

At the age of 10, my parents and I traveled to a village in the mountains east of the Kir Monastery. It was here we found a small village of Psionics, well they were the closest thing we were going to find. I guess it did help that they were humans, so it wasn’t to bad. Every once and a while I would be reminded that they are not us. There I spent the next 10 years training as a warrior and fine tuning the family gifts. I quickly found a love for swords, particularly the Scimatar. The marriage of the two that I was able to achieve was thrilling. I quickly learn what my teacher said about warriors is true, “Those that can’t fight well become Psions”. After awhile started to run out of training partners that were will to help me.

So my parents and I decided that is was time for me to travel and develop through battle. I had to agree and for the last year i have sought out greater and greater challenges. As I left my parents final words to me are the words I live by: ‘Learn much, become strong and return successful’.

“Tell them”
Quiet,… Sorry I am a little tired.
If it is so important to tell them, go ahead, I need a rest anyways.
“You can call me the “Collective”. We are on a journey to become great. If you are willing to help us in the task then we will welcome you. If not, MOVE out of our way.


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