Barbaric Half-Orc


Holg is a Half-Orc Barbarian, who seems well favored by Gruumsh with great size and strength. Holg weighs in at roughly 250 pounds and stands at 6’2". Black shaven hair with a few scars across his chest, and now with a missing right eye and ritual scaring, Holg is a now sworn Eye of Gruumsh, Gruumsh’s most loyal followers.

Born in an Orc stronghold near Granite, Holg was born a bastard child between a female human and a male orc. One night when a siege of Orcs rampaged through Granite, Holgs father, Krusk (one of the Orc chieftain’s finest warriors), was ravaging around the streets when he saw a fine young human cowering in an alley way, and feeling rather lustful, began to rape her. 9 months later, the Half-Orc later to be known as Holg was born, but for the mother it was too shameful for her to keep the child and had a rough decision in front of her to make.

Later that same night, the woman left the security of the walls of Granite and trekked up the mountains towards Krusk’s stronghold and gave up the Orc child to the chief for a peace offering, hoping to make things better between the Orcs and the people of Granite. The next morning, the Chief’s best warrior Krusk, had came up to the Chief and had admitted to impregnating the human, having the yearn for having a child of his own to train and teach on his ways, Krusk had offered to keep the kin of his loins and promise to still fight for the Chief when needed.

Through 10 years of training and perseverance, the bastard son Holg, now 15, was ready for his first pillage, and the truths between Granite and the holds was about to be broken. Through his training with his father, Holg learned of his mother ridding of him and had grew to despise his mother for taking the life away from which he could of had. The night of Holg’s first plunder, he had sharpened a special axe given to him by his father, said to contain the blood and sweat of Gruumsh, and had planned to use it on his mother, to cast away all the anger built up inside him throughout the years, and all of this was to be ended tonight.

As the full moon grew to it’s highest point in the sky, the surrounding strongholds flooded the city with their battle cries and axes, after the first onslaught of guards, the two-member family met up and had headed towards to what they believed was the woman’s household. After just a few moments, Holg and Krusk, were able to find the house with ease, as Krusk had vaguely remembered the alley way of which was near the home of the human. As they prepare to bash open the door, a cluster of guards had gotten the jump on the two Orcs and were, at the time, able to prevent the inevitable. As the guards were forcefully able to direct the Orcs to the wharf, Holg was able to break their grip and un-sheath the makeshift axe of which his father gave to him and called upon the strength of Gruumsh and slay all but one guard, the one holding his father.

Despite the massacre he had just witnessed, the human guard still held his ground, with his blade across Krusk’s neck ready to do what was needed to keep himself alive. As Holg stood there, axe drawn and bathed in blood, Holg had started to remember what his father told him before descending to Granite; “Son, if things are to get too overwhelming, and you are diverted from your task because of me. I give you the honor of killing me, whether it be in cold blood or battle.”

As Holg lifted the axe above his head, the guard holding Krusk, had done the inconceivable and had slit the neck of Holg’s father. Whether in fear or arrogance, the guard had casually sheathed his now bloodied sword and walked away back turned to Holg. Whilst his father’s body had fallen to the ground, Holg’s face turned from his father’s dead body, towards the guard and threw his axe with all his strength at the back of the head, plunged into the scull of his killer was now where his father’s axe lay.

Regardless of his feelings toward his father, Holg knew the only way to honor Krusk was through completing the life-long quest of killing his mother. Grabbing his father’s axe from the guard’s lifeless body, Holg carried on back to his mother’s house and barged through the door, where his mother was foolishly hiding in plain sight under the stairway. “I am the bastard son of you and a Orc named Krusk, and I am here to end your life for taking away the life I could’ve had within the human community.” The now paled-skinned woman then came out of under the stairs and began to plead for her life to be spared.

The axe had cut through the neck of the woman rather easily, and even Holg was surprised by his strength. Finally after years of training and punishment, Holg has carried out his deed to himself, now there was one more thing to do before leaving the damned city. Holg found his way to the Wharf and came upon his father’s final stand and began to carry his father out of Granite unnoticed and was bound for his stronghold.

When making his way through the gates of the stronghold, Holg found himself and his father being bowed to on his way to the Chieftain’s long house. Entering the long house, Holg brought the lifeless body of the fallen Orc to the Chief and laid him on a nearby table and began telling his campaign through Granite. After all was said and done, the Chief ordered two Orcs to bring the fallen comrade to the grave dedicated to the past Chief warriors whom died in battle.

Before putting in the dead warrior, Holg wished to put his father’s axe in the grave along side him, the Chief nodded. After the burial of Krusk, Holg went to the Chief and requested to leave the Orc stronghold, so that he may leave the past behind him and continue somewhere else, suggesting mercenary work may suit him. The Chieftain agreed and sent Holg on his way.


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