I am a determined hunter of all that is arcane and willing to hurt the innocent.


5’1" 125 lbs. Blonde hair, Green eyes.

Don’t let this small frame mislead you into thinking I am frail. I have honed my skills to do massive damage one arrow at a time. I am a stalker but I WILL let you see my face when you die.


I come from a land far south of the shattered lands called Par’xandelixiousatredes. While all lands have there own dragons to rule over them, our land is still teaming with fledglings. Par’xan, our mighty silver dragon, has been sleeping longer than our kind can remember. His legend has been told to many children while gathered around the fire.

The royal dragonblood line serves and protects him while he sleeps. They also fill the ranks with capable soldiers. All those who show promise of the dragonblood line are taken in and tested, be it willing or not. Those that pass, live, are allowed to grow and serve our mighty silver dragon.

I am one of those chosen.

I come from a village that was called Brill. It was destroyed when I was twelve by a group of sorcerers and their undead hoard. I had only started my training at the church, so I was unable to provide enough healing. Friends and family were slaughtered in front of me. It was then that I vowed to develop the skills needed to protect the innocent. Especially from the type of people that took my family.

After some time had passed, I was approached by the royal bloodline to serve Par’xan, our mighty dragon. I am not sure if it was my skills that interested them or the possibility of bloodline but I accepted. The tests pushed me to the brink. I was so close to death that one could go mad. We were forced to do this over and over again. If you didn’t die or go mad from that, the relentless training began. Day after day, we were forced to train in the worst possible conditions. Only after proving our worth are we allowed to carry out the will of Par’xan, our mighty dragon.

Now the cataclysmic explosion of the portal to Hadea has created a rift. It has woken up Par’xan, our mighty dragon. He feels the disturbance in nature and he wants answers. It is my task to provide those answer.


The Shattered Lands DanielJordan