Human Psion

I am a young female human psion, I am around 16 years of age. I reach a towering height of 5’4" and weigh in at a wopping soaking wet total of 95 lbs. I Have blue eyes and purple

hair as well as a fair complection.

I favor the range of my light crossbow, and I carry a dagger but it hasn’t seen the light of day, except for regular maintainance and the occasional hair cut and ummm.. yes the

shaving of my legs, it gets hot ya know ( the weather you pervs ) I still enjoy my Quarterstaff after all it is more than just a walking stick.
As for armor lets just say I find it to be well a little uncomfortable so I modified it a bit. It still functions but i seem to get alot of looks and occasionaly it attracts lesser minded individuals to try for a feel.
My gear is that of an average adventurer and I keep this as light as possible.

I also carry one weapon that everyone has but some fail to use MY MIND and a bit of common sense.
Lets just try and piece this togeather, as usual I was born. I am not sure who my parrents are because as far as I was told they were killed and I rescued by the town gaurd. Well lets just say with not a whole lotta choices I ended up as another lost soul in an orphenage.

I enjoyed puzzles and games and running amuk. Getting in trouble was always easy for me I had
a mouth and a temper. On more than one occasion I was put in my place, by the guards or my
guardian at the orphenage. I grew to understand I needed to forge my own way and needed my DAMN space. Hey what can I say teenage angst. Well as usual one night I was returned to the orphenage
by the guard for some foolish thing I had done, who knows I cannot remember, and well I do remember the lashings I recieved and the savage beating. I guess everyone has a boiling point
and that night I felt the wrath of a patiant man who was at his wits end with my attitude and knack at getting into mischef. I will say that I regret what came to pass, my anger taking control and a rage uncontroled, who knew that when one focuses all their energy into a single point they can cause such destruction that place went up in flames around me like a matchstick.

Ya so that space I needed and that path I just needed to forge, ya that came REAL quick. So here I am leaving the only place and things I know, no problem I can do this, this is easy.

What the hell am I sayin, I’m scared as hell. Oh okay laugh it up tough guys, Im like 14 years of age and soloing the world, you give it a try.


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