The Shattered Lands

Vicfire pg 1

WHAT do you WANT!

As Cat and I sat in the cabin, I tended the fire and heard a knock. “Damn it”, I thought, “This is why I moved to this place”. I just stood at the door, waiting patiently for whoever it was to leave. Alas, they did not leave. As the door opened Cat pounced and landed behind the person. From the back of my mind I heard a familiar voice. “What do you want!” I said. Through the chirps of the voices I heard that I needed to take this group to Sanctuary and that I owed him one. With that in mind, I informed everyone that it would not be until the morning and to get some rest. The next morning we let the house for the tunnels to Sanctuary. As we approached, something seemed different,I know I have not been here for years but nothing felt right. As we weaver our way through the tunnels, I could tell that something was afoot and someone had changed things. We entered what looked to be a living quarter, this I know was not here last time. We looked around. I could here some sound coming from the room in the center and made my way around to the door, but as I reached it one of the party members opened the door and we found a sort of ritual going on. Without hesitation, we intervened and killed the only three that were not in the force field. I then stood and watched as two of the members removed the two individuals from the force fields through magical means.



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