The Shattered Lands

Throught the Eyes of Astrid Vol.25

The new will be rendered

Time is a great motivator, as with all request from max we do them in a timely fashion, as it stands I will be requesting more than our normal rate for this job for he still has not held up his bargain. I do not enjoy being hunted down like the dogs we chase to their dooms. Strange is the manner in which this order is directed as it is being delivered by a person of race I am not familiar with something is off with this one but I will not spend the energy to figure it out for I am tired and wish to prepare for this new mission. Escort service for a delegate is not my idea of work but ok I’ll bite, for a change its doing something for work and a chance to let the boys keep their sanity and edge. I wonder still when I am going to see max I want what’s owed to me. Well the good thing is we have the whereabouts of our precious cargo. The new guy has definitely got my attention, why has Max sent him with these orders but he had the note with Max’s symbol. I hope this job has an abrupt payment after words as word of Max is close by. Well at least we can walk around with ease for the Prince of this land has given us a keep and his blessing for the time being. Finding the delegate and his so called guards was not at all as difficult as I expected, fortunate for us the little band of refuse that litters the darkness was easily dealt with by the group due to puppy and his acute hearing. Talking my way through was another minor obstacle as I usually can talk my way through most any situation. With everything secure for the night I begin to wonder about our new found messenger and wonder. With the Delegate safely at the castle we return to the keep to find Max has left us a message and a new task, damn this shit gets old. Figures typical of our bipolar boss to issue an order to go ahead and take down the gentleman we have just delivered to the Prince. Assassination is always a tricky business, its times like this I am thankful for all the training and hard work I go through oh ya and for Zarek who has proven over and over again to be handy at dispatching life quietly. With the new orders I new the boys would be up for it who doesn’t like free food and drink and with any luck a good time, I know I do and tonight I’m wearing a revealing number, I believe I will play a little game with the Prince. I can’t resist my self as I walk over to the Prince I love to toy with the weak minded it gives me a thrill and all the while actions go almost unnoticed by all but the trained eyes, a few things are always going to need special attention. Example when you notice your knife man needing to control his target. I like to encourage growth so I aided Zarek in poisoning his target even though I could have supplanted a command to the target to go to bed, But I like to watch my family happy doing what they do best. With the Delegate in his room safe and err…. sound. I continue to keep the Prince occupied for a few moments till the mental trigger for incoming message triggers and I realize I need to be elsewhere, I go to the top the tower where the delegate is and before I round the last corner I dishevel my hair and make a mess of my dress and put on my I’m going to get lucky face like desperate little drunk women I see at the taverns and inns. With the performance of a life time I am able to pull away the guards, and they move me to a nearby room. Thanks to the impeccable timing of Zarek I was able to save my dress from a messy ending to the night, Looking to the window I step to the edge listen to the sounds of the Guards pursuing a ghost, take a deep breath of the outside air and jump out of the window, I love the feel of flying the breeze that brushes across my face, but mostly it helps clear the tears from my cheeks, I will never demean myself again.



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