The Shattered Lands

The Journey of Kalob Vol 17

We all gather at the base of the tower to find that the cleric had stopped to rez Kacee. Puppy proceeds to look for the flaming sword that the warrior on the roof dropped and then we headed back to the ship.

We traveled for a day and came across a sailor floating on some drift wood. We rescued and questioned him. He told us what had happened to his ship but it is nowhere in sight. So we just sailed on. We finally came across the poor mans ship hours later. With all but the front of the ship underwater, there was no reason to stop.

We made is to Sanctuary and were told by the captain that our services are no longer needed. I took this time to try to find someone with knowledge of psionics, but none was to be found. So, I decided to leave the group and find a way to make this thing work.



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