The Shattered Lands

The Journey of Kalob Vol 16

We continued up stairs and found three pillars of ice containing different creatures. Above them floated an orb. The cleric says that it too is made of ice. I decided to just rush by it to the next floor. As my head popped up over the floor, I was greeted by to females that were just as shocked as me to know that we were not alone. I let out a yell to alert the others.

Puppy was the next to enter, so we did what we needed to do, we attacked. The fight did not last long before one of them cast a darkness spell. I heard some movement around me. All of a sudden, Guinness approached up the stairs shining as bright as the sun and I notice that the females are gone.

I ran down stairs to lend a hand, but by the time I hit the floor, it was over. So, back up stairs I go. I found that to two females are here. One of the females continues up the stairs to the next floor while here ally falls under our might. Naturally we must follow since it is the roof and she can not run anymore.

The roof offers a very trick situation. Along with the female warrior, there is a snake like creature coiled around the crystal at the peak of the roof. With the fight traveling over three floors, it doesn’t take to much longer for the warrior to fall. Now for the snake, which with one touch from Guinness, dies instantly.

The creatures body is removed from around the crystal to make it easier to access. Holog decides that he is going to smash it, but before he does the rest of us ran, fast.



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