The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal XXIV

On my way down the tower, I notice that Kacee’s body was gone, once I get down to the base of the tower, I find out the paladin had resurrected her, not sure how I feel to have a once dead member of the team.We were able to get back to the ship without any problems and soon we were on our way to Sanctuary once again. Another day into travel and we see a figure out in the horizon on a barrel, once he is close enough, we get him aboard the ship. Out of caution, we instantly tie him up to the mast, once he wakes, Astrid immediately starts to interrogate him, turns out he was aboard a traders ship that sunk when it got stuck in a current and hit a reef. The lost sailor asks us to see if we could go and see if anyone survived, I suggested not look into the wreck, mainly because it was too much of a threat to us.

Another day or two passes and we make it to Sanctuary, almost as soon as we dock, both the paladin and the ship wrecked sailor leave, thanking us for saving them. Our job with the captain was officially over, but unofficially, I still had a job to do, mainly to just see whats inside the crate. The captain tells me that the deal is going on at sundown, didn’t say where, smart of him, he didn’t think about me finding him though. I hear the others are planning on going to the Ravage Unicorn, a rough tavern in the middle of town, known as the Maze, where all the low life’s and thieves live. It only takes a few minutes for a pickpocket to reach out of the shadows and cut Schurr’s purse, soon everyone is attacking the thief and his other “friends”. Once all are dead, Schurr pins their bodies on a wall and writes a threatening message, I see the sun starting to go down, so I run back to the ship to see if I can catch the captain.

I see him and his hired thugs, they are walking alongside the bay, I catch up and just start walking with them, of course as predicted the one thug not carrying the crate pulls his weapon. Not showing fear I just stand there, the captain says it’s okay, but asks why I’m here, I just simply say for extra protection. A little ways down the harbor and we enter a warehouse, I’ll simply just wait by the door while the deal goes down and then when the ward goes off . . . people are gonna die. BANG! The ward goes off and I’m instantly in the fray and start killing the ones getting the package. During the battle I was shot by an arrow, but at the end I notice the archer was dead, turns out Zarek was watching over the deal as well.

Once everyone was dead, besides the thugs and the captain, I pried open the crate and find three pieces of stone, shaped as body parts. I look at the captain with a odd stare, what the ell was he doing with stuff like this, what was it for? The captain becomes furious and starts yelling at me saying I messed his job up. He wouldn’t tell me why he was delivering it, all he told me was that he just does his job, whether or not he was lying I couldn’t tell. The captain’s newly hired thugs grab the crate and leave, I didn’t stop them, no reason to, I’ve done what I wanted to do. Seems like Sanctuary is gonna be a great place for the group, we fit right in.



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