The Shattered Lands

Holg's Journal XXIII

Not much love was shown for the lost of Kacee, so we continue on. leading up to the next level was Zarek, who stops abruptly in front of me, a shadow blocking the candle light within the next room. I look past Zarek to see a rather big human with full plate armor and a small quarter staff in hand, he announces he is Galland Murth, a cleric of Prelor. He begins to tell us that he is trapped here by some wizard named Alstrand, he used some sort of magic boundary to keep those who try to use “portals” to enter to stay, he points out a small journal on the table in the room. Not much for the magical arts, I think of this room as a nice place to rest, Astrid can deal with this fool.

Once Astrid is done talking with Murth, she tells us he is going to help us through the tower, not to sure how I feel with him but I’ll just keep my eye on him. He warns us what is to come further up in the tower; the next level holds a glowing orb that has the power to freeze, and beyond that there is two female “demons”, and last but not least there is the room that holds the portal trap, further up he has no clue.

We continue up into the room with the orb,along with the orb is three frozen statues, one an elf, another a horse with a horn, and some demon looking thing. I see Zarek get into the room and disappear into the small shadows, Kalob runs into the next room, getting hit with the ray, he clearly did not want to deal with the orb. Seconds later I hear screams for help from Kalob, Schurr runs up next then Guinness and Murth, now it’s just me and Astrid against the orb, I pull my crossbow out and aim to hit it. My shot hits the orb but the bolt seems to just melt into the orb, hard to say if it did damage, so seeing as I might not be any help, I run up the stairs, and see what I can do up there, instantly being blinded by a powerful light coming from Guinness.

It appears the party up here had taken care of whatever was here, cause I don’t see anything, but what I do see is two tables full of armor and weapons, but what ever was good the others must’ve taken. As the others continue up to the next room, I hear ice breaking and some sounds that sounded like talking and fighting, it soon ends, and Astrid comes up the stairs and runs up into the next level.

I figure it’s time for me to run up and see what I can do, once I enter the room I see one dead body on the ground and a form of webs on the ground, from the webs I see a small female women, with everyone’s attention on the dead and apparently the next level, I check to see if the human is friendly or will attempt to kill us, it just stares and says nothing, so I swing Gruumsh’s claw and seem to have hurt it a good amount. But for whatever reason Kalob cuts in front of me and pulls the small human aside, now I’m confused, she had no facial expression and didn’t talk, I would see that as a bad thing, but apparently Kalob sees different. Oh well I’ll deal with them later, I’m gonna go see whats good to loot on the body. Immediately I am stunned by the helmet the body is wearing, it was a all around helmet that had the squid like tentacles covered by armor, I was expecting another squid, but underneath it was a beautiful women, too bad shes dead, along with her stuff I find a ring and a stick.

After looting the body for anything good, I head up the next set of stairs which leads to the roof, on top of the roof was a dome like structure and on top of the dome was both a crystal and a snake thing, but as I got up there the creature had already died. Everyone begins to head down stairs, don’t know why, we still haven’t found the wizard the cleric was talking about. Growing impatient I attack the crystal and shatter it, it creates some sort of explosion but then all the pieces are sucked back into where it was, but when the explosion happened I was knocked back almost falling off the tower, luckily I was able to grab a ledge and pull myself up. Now we can leave this damned place and head to Sanctuary, although oddly enough we’re bringing both the cleric and human that I nearly killed back to our ship, we might need the to repair that other small boat.



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