The Shattered Lands

Blackscale's Journal II

We arrive at the Dwarf’s friend, Vicfire’s place, it seemed to be a small cabin out in the middle of the woods, oddly enough it had no windows. Walking around the shack I find the door to the cabin, as I walk around, I yell out to see if anyone is home, no answer. So I head up to the door and just open it, as I do a black over-sized house cat pounces at me but misses and shoots out the door. Seeing the cat, the Dwarf immediately yells out to the guy in the door, saying that we are friends. As they go off and talk, me and the younger sibling, Koraya, go hunting for dinner, all we could find was small game.

We come back and Koraya starts cooking the squirrels, I go around the “back” of the shack and bring the carriage, along with the kobold to the rest of the group. After dinner the Dwarf explains that he has to get back to town, in the morning we shall make our way to Sanctuary.

We leave early morning and Vicfire takes us to some castle type ruin, saying that the only way around is through the underground tunnels. As we descend into the tunnels I could tell it was gonna be a rough time, as the tunnels became a huge cavern, not only that but the mushrooms near the entrance seemed to have some sleeping toxin that put the cat and Kobold out conscious. We enter the cavern a little more and find a sort of sleeping chamber for someone down here, as me, Xavier and the unconscious Kobold search the place, a rather big spider drops down in front of Xavier, as it does a ghostly blade shoots from outside the chambers and kills the spider. The Kobold awakens and I put him down, as I do Xavier lights the chambers on fire, I leave to find the rest of the group who seem to have huddled by a pile of bones and other trash.

As we all cross the pile, I go on ahead and spot a figure running by and as I go up to where I saw it I see footsteps. We continue along and find some sort of glyph, as far as Xavier will tell me it’s a portal to some place called the under city, not wanting to stray too far from the group I ignore it, as I walk away, I see purple flame flickering from a small room. Knowing that anything we find might help us, I search the room and find nothing but papers in an unknown language to me. I hand off the papers to Xavier and go to the next cavern.

In this cavern there is a statue of a big half-spider, half-human. As I walk around the statue, I start hearing mumbled words inside a small room. The Kobold and another spider, yet friendly, are at the door already, as the Kobold opens it, I could see a small huddle of six figures inside. As I step inside, I could tell they were of the elven kind, yet black like the caves. Three of the elves were chanting, one was standing there doing nothing, and the remaining two were in some sort of ritual. One of the chanters yells out to stop us from ruining the ritual, that set a trigger in my head that these guys aren’t friendly.

Combat starts and all hell breaks loose, as the group starts killing of the chanters I aim for the lone male elf, as I do vines seemingly out of nowhere, pop up and grab hold of me, despite my strength, it took a while to break out, and once I did the male elf dropped to the floor dead.

To be Continued



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