The Shattered Lands

Blackscale's Journal I

It’s been years since my colony was wiped out, since then I have found work as a mercenary type group with four others: a small Kobold that has taken himself as leader, a fragile elf that is uncommonly pale and has somehow learned my language, and the other two . . . seemingly brother and sister and unknown to my knowledge but seem to be from the North as far as I can tell. Their names? Unimportant to me, some may find us as a small team, as odd as it may be, but I have always been a lone hunter and plan on working with my comrades as a support but I will do what is in the best interest to myself.

The one we call “boss” has sent us out here with a job to give aid to a caravan making it’s way to Sanctuary. Making our way through lesser traveled paths, we come across a downed wagon with dead bodies on the ground. We secure the area and acknowledge that this isn’t one of the wagons of the caravan we were looking for. The bodies have a tabard with a cog pictured on it.

We had encountered magical goblins coming from the ground, a good portion of the group had ran off but not without some casualties, we had kept one alive for questioning, he didn’t say much, you’ll find him posted on a pointed shaft near the wagon. On the wagon was a bits and pieces of a metal golem type thing, when the brother touched it, it seemed to come alive, according to it the siblings were part of it’s family, and because of that it came along with us.

We arrived at Three Roads Crossing and were told to see a dwarf that would know a quick way around Bastion, only thing was he had lost his mind, so we are retracing his steps up to when he lost his mind, we’re on our way to an ancient library due North East.

The Library was an interesting encounter to say the least, ancient glyphs were roaming around the walls and the ground everywhere. Not to mention the strange keeper of the library whom ended up being a spirit of some extinct underground species. On a plaque there were instructions to an old temple, we decided to continue our search there.

The temple was very much in ruins, but when the small kobold messed around with some stones on the pillars, smoke had risen out and formed the keeper. He had spoken about how the dwarfs used to enslave his kind and that the dwarf’s soul must be punished. Some fiery shades had risen from the crypts nearby and started to attack, along with the keeper. After a short time, the keeper had vanished once again and the shades had been slain. Not long after the keeper vanished, a bull-headed creature appeared and had started to attack, the elf froze the demon and I shattered it with my sword. Soon the dwarf had reappeared from where the demon was, then the siblings began to bound him, don’t know why, the dwarf clearly didn’t know what was going on. Once he explained himself, he said he had been doing research on the temple and had found a sword in a hidden drawer by the alter, intrigued I immediately go to the drawer and unsheathe the weapon, upon me wielding it, the dwarf explains how it’s called “wayfinder” and to whom wields it finds good luck but has bad risks in the same.

We are now off to meet with a druid, a friend of the dwarf’s, said to help us along the way to Sanctuary.



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