Added a new page for Group Rules/Policies to help clarify some things.

Added more to the wiki, People, Places, and Groups, including Gullside with a map.

Added some more entries to the wiki, people and places mostly.

New Prestige Points system uploaded, look it over. For write=ups/journal entries for your characters just send me an email either on facebook or one of my email accounts, ill make a journal page for your character and update it as you send me things. Unfortunately, as of now, there seems to be no way for you to add to this site yourselves. Eventually when I get the coding finished, I’ll have my own server and site with that ability ready for you. For now, just email me your write up and I’ll add it. If you have bits you want kept secret from prying eyes, just let me know.

Added a bit more to the History page for now, I have so much more fleshed out but not organized for Player view yet.

The Campaign is divided into three parts (think of it as Acts 1,2 and 3). Part 1, Blades and Bounties, has finished. Part 2, On Golden Scales, starts in 2 weeks. Im hoping to get some session writeups done in the next few days to catch up to where we are.

Been a while since I updated, new stuff should be up tomorrow. Prestige Point system, a write up, new character, maybe a couple other things.

Added new “info” section to wiki. lots of ideas/info on character classes. definitely a must read for my players. sorry nick, nothing for rogues yet.

Added new entries in Wiki
Most recent Gaming session write-up posted The Beast Within

New updated Map, player character descriptions and other pages tweaked.
Players, please send me a bio to upload with your character. Thank you.

The Shattered Lands

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